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Paul Banwatt

Lawyer, Musician

Paul Banwatt is a lawyer at Gilbert's LLP in Toronto and is the drummer for 2012 Juno nominated rock band the Rural Alberta Advantage.
Cut the Bank of Canada Some

Cut the Bank of Canada Some Slack!

On Monday, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney apologized to those offended by the Bank's handling of the design process of its latest $100 bills. It seems to me that the Bank always had good intentions, even if terribly executed. Given the feedback, it isn't surprising that the Bank reconsidered using the image. If they had left it, they were stuck with a bill that some found offensive. It was lose-lose. My two cents? Stick to pictures of animals.
08/21/2012 05:28 EDT
Can Mayor Ford Legally Evict Occupy

Can Mayor Ford Legally Evict Occupy Toronto?

The first day they set up shop, the protesters' rights were the strongest they could be. But with each passing day, the case for Mayor Ford stepping in and "reasonably limiting" those rights has grown stronger. The question for the court to answer is whether the protests have already crossed the line, or whether the line still lies far off in the distance.
11/18/2011 01:47 EST