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Paul Grayson

Professor of Sociology

Paul Grayson is Professor of Sociology at York University, Toronto Canada. Over his career he has researched on social movements in Canada, the sociology of Canadian literature, the causes and consequences of plant closures, work and health, and educational outcomes of university students.
Why I Said No To Gender Segregation at

Why I Said No To Gender Segregation at York

For the past week, York University has been widely criticized for the way it handled a male student's request for a religious accommodation so that he would not be required to interact with female students in his class. I denied the request because it infringed upon women's right to be treated with respect and as equals. In the end, the student accepted my decision and completed the assignment with other students, including female ones. Despite this resolution, the university continued to insist that the accommodation be granted. As a result, the public has soundly and justifiably criticized the university administration.
01/17/2014 08:02 EST