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Paul Mott

Host, The Motts Show

For many years the Motts, Carol and Paul, have been a fixture on Toronto radio, entertaining, enlightening, and at times enraging (mostly Paul) audiences throughout southern Ontario. Both Carol and Paul originally worked separately, Paul, as news director at CJRN Radio in Niagara Falls during its hay days of talk, and Carol, doing talk, hosting an interview program and writing award winning commercials. They were put together as a husband and wife talk team and the rest is history. Standard Broadcasting wooed the team numerous times and finally the Motts moved their brand to CFRB Radio. After 16 successful years The Motts have taken their show to the World Wide Web and are carried by four radio stations in Ontario. They can be heard weekdays from 11 a.a until noon at
Unjust Dismissal?... He Says... She

Unjust Dismissal?... He Says... She Says...

In response to Sean Avery's support for gay marriage, Damien Goddard tweeted his disapproval. A few days later he was fired. How sad that the rights we once enjoyed in this so-called free and democratic society have been so easily trumped by political correctness.
05/31/2011 07:51 EDT