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Paul Shufelt


Paul Shufelt followed his mom around the kitchen as a child but you could say his true culinary education began at 16, when he took a job as a dishwasher. After a short stint working in Montreal, Paul enrolled in the culinary apprenticeship program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology where he worked under Chef Thomas Neukom at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff, AB. Upon completion of the program in 2001, Paul traveled to Switzerland to hone his craft, working with Chef Urs Thommen at Gasthof Baren Utzenstorf.

With his Swiss experience providing a strong foundation, Paul moved to Edmonton where he is now business partner and executive chef of Century Hospitality Group. Paul oversees each of the company’s nine restaurants, giving his own creative spin to each dish on the menu.

Paul draws inspiration from his travels to influence the dishes he creates. His “comfort food with a contemporary twist” approach has earned him several awards, the most recent being a bronze medal in Edmonton’s Golden Plate Competition, and has made CHG’s restaurants Edmonton’s premiere eateries.

In his column for the Edmonton Sun, Paul refers to his childhood memories and experiences as a husband and father to engage the reader. With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, Paul’s personalized and highly innovative take on traditional recipes has put him at the forefront of Alberta’s culinary community and has him quickly rising to the top of Canada’s culinary scene.

Paul Shufelt continues to find new ways to build on his culinary expertise. In his spare time, Paul enjoys cooking Sunday dinner for his family, playing golf, cheering for the Habs and of course watching The Food Network Canada. If you ask him about his favourite food, he is sure to respond anything pig!
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