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Paul Tobey

Founder and CEO, Training Business Pros

As the founder and CEO of Training Business Pros, Paul Tobey is widely regarded as one of North America’s top trainers and internet marketing experts. He is also a highly respected and in-demand speaker known for his passion, professionalism, and enthusiasm and his dynamic, well-prepared presentations.

Paul is a multi-award winning jazz pianist and former Arkadia Records recording artist, having enjoyed a successful 22-year career as a musician. In search of a fresh challenge, Paul traded artistry for entrepreneurship, selling sheet music online and helping artists develop tools to market themselves. After mentoring with a number of the world's top trainers, Paul began to take on the world of Internet marketing and founded Training Business Pros in 2007.

In the years since, Paul has personally trained thousands of business owners and executives, helping them save on their bottom line while improving their personal and professional lives. To find out more about Paul Tobey, visit
Calling All Musicians: Learn How to Market Shutterstock

Calling All Musicians: Learn How to Market Yourself

Now, more than ever, with record labels substantially cutting A&R budgets, the pressure is on the music artists, both signed and independent, to invest in their own marketing. Luckily, in the digital age, marketing yourself is easier than ever -- if you know how to use the tools properly.
03/19/2013 05:21 EDT