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Paul Venoit

Beauty and Style Expert

As the master of beauty and style, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Paul Venoit</a> has garnered international acclaim amongst fashion and advertising circles. <br> <br> Known for his appearances on <em>The Rachael Ray Show</em>, <em>Canada's Next Top Model</em> and <em>Look-A-Like</em>, Venoit's positive, confident and open-minded attitude is what has made him a staple within the international beauty industry. <br> <br> He impressed us all with his up-beat commentary at the world's most celebrated Red Carpet events; including the SAGs, Grammys, Emmys and the Oscars awards. <br> <br> His clients include: Versace, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Olay, Chanel and Pantene, to name just a few, and his work is frequently featured in various popular magazines and publications. <br> <br> Venoit's vision is never myopic. He always sees the bigger picture, the greater beauty and good. An artist with an altruistic soul, he has currently taken on the role of an ambassador to Spread the Net; a charitable organization operated by UNICEF Canada which is actively engaged in fundraising to provide bed nets in the fight against malaria in Africa. <br> <br> Venoit promotes a positive, confident attitude and an open-minded, well-informed approach to help achieve any goal. He's the epitome of hip, urban cool with an earthy, rock'n'roll sensibility; uptown polish, and a downtown, street-smart flair. He is today's ultimate style and beauty expert. More information on Paul Venoit can be found at: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.
Hair Today, Gone

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

It's debatable which is the lesser of two evils -- a bad rug or a bad comb over. Luckily, there have been medical advancements and social and cultural shifts that make solutions for hair loss and hair thinning in both men and women something to embrace. Here's my "piece" on why faux hair doesn't have to be a faux pas.
11/12/2011 08:31 EST
Lipsticks Are Red, Liners Are

Lipsticks Are Red, Liners Are Blue...

A light shade of blue makes us feel completely different than an in-your-face orange. By recognizing how influential colour can be, we can use it to induce certain feelings.
10/01/2011 07:10 EDT
Thai Beauty

Thai Beauty Treatments

Thai beauty is that it comes from the inside, out. It is their belief that a restful body and spirit shows on one's face. Makes sense. There's a reason all-night parties, overtime and stress do not result in a pretty glow.
09/09/2011 07:37 EDT
Vive le French

Vive le French Beauty

So you want to be a French seductress. Simply put, it's all about simplicity. Less is definitely more (except, perhaps, when it comes to champagne and personal grooming). Although restraint is key, a significant effort must be put in at all times, as 'prevention' is always better than a cure!
08/16/2011 09:04 EDT
A Tan for All

A Tan for All Seasons

Like rotisserie chickens turning every few minutes, we worship the sun to get the perfect tan. Once crispy, we loathe the sun as we try to get rid of the damage a tan leaves behind. For those guilty of sun worship, try to ease up and achieve the look harmlessly.
07/28/2011 02:07 EDT
Read This Before You Break Up With Your

Read This Before You Break Up With Your Makeup!

Like the last 20 years or that crazy night in Vegas, there are just some things you can't take back. Permanent makeup, for one. Why not leave Scarface out of it and use makeup to help you enhance your look?
07/14/2011 07:55 EDT
Lashes -- Going to

Lashes -- Going to Extremes

When it comes to beauty, is bigger really better? These days, women are going to extremes to enhance their feminine assets -- on their faces.
06/23/2011 12:04 EDT
Smokey Eyes Still Smolder Thousands of Years

Smokey Eyes Still Smolder Thousands of Years Later

The first smokey eye-con that comes to mind is Ancient Egypt's Cleopatra. She was a powerful, intelligent, and charismatic ruler and our perceptions of dark-rimmed eyes are similar to those of our girl Cleo.
06/08/2011 09:02 EDT