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Paul Wells

Political Editor, Maclean's

Paul Wells is the political editor of Maclean’s magazine. His previous book, Right Side Up, was chosen as one of the Best Canadian Political Books of the Last 25 Years by the Writers’ Trust of Canada and Samara. Wells has worked for the National Post, the Gazette (Montreal), and has written for L’actualite,La Presse, Time, and the Literary Review of Canada.
EXCERPT: The Longer I'm Prime Ben Stansall/WPA-Rota

EXCERPT: The Longer I'm Prime Minister

In 2004 voters barely had a clue who Stephen Harper was. So he appeared in those hilariously contrived ads in which he complained about the Liberals, offered some kind of solution, and then paused and added, slowly, "My name is Stephen Harper." Viewers came away wondering about his speaking style but pretty sure, whoever this guy was, his name must be Stephen Harper.
03/31/2014 12:27 EDT