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Peggy Holroyd

Director of Arctic Energy Solutions, Pembina Institute

Peggy has worked with the Pembina Institute since 2004. As Director of Pembina's Arctic Energy Solutions and Interim Director of Public Sector Services Group she is responsible for substantial project development and management, client relations and staff supervision and mentoring. <br> <br> Peggy is an environmental scientist and works with First Nations, government and companies on a variety of projects related energy and the environment. Peggy has completed projects on climate change, thresholds-based management of cumulative effects, land and resource use cumulative impact modeling, corporate environmental responsibility, environmental externalities and socio-economic effects associated with energy projects. <br> <br> She has worked in public affairs, community development and education. Peggy holds a Master's in Environmental Design and BA in International Development from the University of Calgary with a specialization in northern planning and development from the Arctic Institute of North America.
Geothermal Energy: A No-Brainer for

Geothermal Energy: A No-Brainer for Canada?

How much geothermal electricity is generated in Canada today? None, zip, nada! Yet the geothermal resource potential in Canada could exceed one million times Canada's current electricity consumption.
07/13/2011 09:26 EDT