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Peggy Nash

Former NDP MP

Peggy Nash is a strong advocate for a fairer economy and improved workplace rights. She is a former NDP Member of Parliament from Toronto, and continues to be a media commentator on economic, political and social issues. Prior to electoral politics Nash was a labour negotiator with CAW (now Unifor) and pioneered innovative programs for women in the union. She is founding member of Equal Voice, an all-Party organization dedicated to electing more women. She continues this work internationally as an official election observer and by training women who run for elected office.
After Spectacular Failure, NDP Needs A Leader Who Can

After Spectacular Failure, NDP Needs A Leader Who Can Inspire

The most important thing is for the NDP to not limp along and slip into irrelevance, but to boldly rebuild. Canada needs the NDP. But it needs an NDP that is both inspiring and competent, visionary and responsible, principled and practical. The many dedicated NDP activists need to know what happens now. Where is the NDP headed and how do they fit in to the big picture? What are the concrete plans to rebuild? Which brings me to the leadership question. The Leader too has to share the blame and Tom Mulcair has acknowledged this.
04/05/2016 06:00 EDT
Why I'm Pulling An All-Nighter To Disrupt Bill

Why I'm Pulling An All-Nighter To Disrupt Bill C-38

Instead of introducing a straight-forward bill that implements their budget, Stephen Harper's Conservatives decided to use the budget bill to sneak through changes that gut environmental protection, give broad new powers over employment insurance to the Finance Minister and eliminates large portions of the Fisheries Act.
06/13/2012 05:07 EDT