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Penny Will

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<br> Penny is a former Music and Visual Arts teacher who was lured away by the bright lights and easy money of self employment. She has degrees in Music, Visual Arts and Education and is also a member of the Canadian Society of Composers. <br> Penny has developed <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>, a website with play-along music for flute, EWI, violin, oboe, and recorder. <br> When not hunched over the drawing board, Penny can usually be found knitting unwanted items for relatives and listening to her son's music. <br> Penny's blog, artwork, and compositions can be found at: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
How to Survive the

How to Survive the 'Hallway'

"When things got rocky, I had this great sense that if you remain honourable in some fashion, things will work out. It's
04/06/2014 04:01 EDT
Is Someone You Love a Serial Forwarder? Get the Support You

Is Someone You Love a Serial Forwarder? Get the Support You Need

The forward button is like the penny, or the cigarette lighter in a car. At one time it may have been a good idea, but times change and Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook need to change. If you have been guilty being a serial forwarder, it's not too late, you can become a good friend once again by following these simple steps.
12/02/2013 05:25 EST
Music's Greatest Lesson? The Value of

Music's Greatest Lesson? The Value of "Every Day Effort"

Many of my videos are terrible. Many are experiments. Many are too short. Many are too long. I've deleted countless failures and I've re-issued some with improvements. Not everything has to be gold. This is the incredibly valuable lesson of music. A little effort every day and you can move mountains.
11/23/2013 04:11 EST
When Is Too Late to Learn An

When Is Too Late to Learn An Instrument?

There is a misconception in the world that learning is for the young. That somehow if you don't become a concert pianist by the age of six, you may as well give up music altogether. For one thing,f I don't want a six-year-old deciding my career path, but also it's not all or nothing with music.
12/20/2012 03:49 EST
A Crash Course on Musical

A Crash Course on Musical Transposition

Transposition is a musical term for moving notes higher or lower to change key. So why do arrangers transpose? Why not keep everything in it's original key and for that matter why don't composers always write in C, as it has no flats or sharps? Choosing the key of a piece is somewhat like choosing a seat in an airplane. Though all the seats are sort of the same, everyone has preferences, for various reasons.
09/23/2012 02:28 EDT
The Piano Roll of The 21st Century: The MIDI

The Piano Roll of The 21st Century: The MIDI File

Piano rolls were paper tubes that made a player piano play a song. You would thread in one end of the paper roll -- kind of like an old film projector. As the paper fed through, little holes would tell the piano what notes to play. Fast forward a few centuries and meet digital music's digital equivalent: MIDI files.
08/28/2012 05:12 EDT
Turn It Up to 11 With

Turn It Up to 11 With Speakers

Eavesdropping on a conversation and only catching the odd word is one of life's great frustrations. Asking people to speak up or moving your chair to join their table is not likely to be met with much enthusiasm. So what's to be done? Amplify!
08/02/2012 08:40 EDT
How to Control Your

How to Control Your Tweeting

Stupid tweets have ruined careers, relationships, political ambitions and Olympic dreams. So, why do we do it? Personally, I find I don't always make good decisions when it comes to using technology. "Oh My God! What have I done?" is my daily mantra. Until our social evolution has advanced, some solutions might be:
08/01/2012 01:05 EDT
Struggling With a Piece of Music? Crack the

Struggling With a Piece of Music? Crack the Code

Why do some people find playing a song very easy and others find it exceedingly difficult? I think it's because as we practice we are basically trying to <em>crack the code</em> of a piece. Some will understand it immediately, for some it takes a moment, and some never seem to get it. The best part of all, is once you have cracked one type, the next song in that style or genre is that much easier as you have the code partially cracked already. For that reason it's important to try many different styles of music.
07/23/2012 01:11 EDT
The Best Way for Kids to Learn

The Best Way for Kids to Learn Music

Much like with video games, my philosophy of learning to play a musical instrument is the rewards make you want to move on. I've developed this view of playing an instrument, in no small part, by watching my son. Just as with a video game, he had to move on in levels. He is now an amazing guitarist and musician.
07/10/2012 12:21 EDT