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Perrin Beatty

President and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Honourable Perrin Beatty is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the 192,000-member Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Canada’s largest and most representative national business association. In his capacity as President and CEO, Mr. Beatty is the principal spokesperson advocating the policy positions of the Canadian Chamber’s members to the federal government, international organizations, the media and the general public.

A descendant of one of Canada’s most prominent manufacturing families, Mr. Beatty grew up in Fergus, Ontario and graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1971. A year later he was elected to the House of Commons as a Progressive Conservative and in 1979 he was appointed Minister of State (Treasury Board) in the government of Joe Clark, at the time the youngest person ever to serve in a federal Cabinet.

In recent years, Mr. Beatty has served on a number of Canadian government advisory committees,covering issues that include border management, government operations, privacy and international trade. He currently chairs the Private Sector Advisory Board. He is also a member of the advisory council of the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian International Council.
To Honour Canada's Upcoming 150th, Let's Dismantle Economic Shutterstock / andre st-louis

To Honour Canada's Upcoming 150th, Let's Dismantle Economic Barriers

Canada remains a collection of 13 regional markets separated by a myriad of competing rules and standards that weakens economic growth by increasing costs and limiting choice for consumers, business and governments. It is astonishing that 28 independent countries can collectively lower the economic barriers between them while Canada has been unable to do so between 13 provinces and territories.
07/08/2016 01:30 EDT
It's Time To Make Canada's Relationship With Japan A POOL New / Reuters

It's Time To Make Canada's Relationship With Japan A Priority

Trade between Japan and Canada has stagnated for over a decade. Exports from Canada to Japan grew only four per cent from 2006 to 2015, while Canada's imports from Japan have declined. There is good news -- foreign investment from both sides show an upwards trend -- but business will need help to capitalize on this opportunity.
05/31/2016 12:08 EDT
What We Can Do About Canada's Trade ASSOCIATED PRESS

What We Can Do About Canada's Trade Problems

Canada needs to make more use of direct programming with target countries (nearly 80 per cent of official aid went to foreign agencies in 2013, often on a sole-sourced basis). And more should be done to connect Canadian expertise to multilateral development banks and international humanitarian institutions.
05/10/2014 04:29 EDT
Want to Close the Skills Gap? Start Talking to Young Getty

Want to Close the Skills Gap? Start Talking to Young People

I strongly think the skills gap is well documented, but it's clear that there is another "gap" between what economists are saying about the data, and what our members at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce are saying about their real-time experiences in cities and towns nationwide. If we are serious about closing the skills gap in the future, young people and their parents need to be much better informed about employment and income prospects when deciding on post-secondary education.
04/02/2014 06:27 EDT
Innovation Will Lead to the Health Care Canadians Alamy

Innovation Will Lead to the Health Care Canadians Deserve

When it comes to health care, we can clearly see that a cost-cutting approach only works for a while. Given the giant demographic shift underway now, we aren't going to save our way to great health care. Put simply, innovation is not a choice. Improving Canadian competitiveness demands it. Canadians in need of a more sustainable and effective health care system deserve it.
09/10/2012 05:06 EDT