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Peter Clarke

Chairman of Egg Farmers of Canada since 2011 and a fifth generation farmer in Woodville, Nova Scotia.

Peter Clarke was elected Chairman of the Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC) in 2011, after having served as the First Vice Chair since 2006. He is a director of the Nova Scotia Egg Producers, and served as the Nova Scotia representative on the EFC Board of Directors since 1995. Peter is passionate about agriculture and proud to be a fourth generation farmer on the family farm in Woodville, Nova Scotia.
Peter Clarke

Cracking Down On Hunger, One New Egg Farm At A Time

When organizations like Heart for Africa and Egg Farmers of Canada work with local farmers, the diets and well-being of the local population greatly improve. Establishing a local, sustainable source of eggs is the perfect way to ensure protein and vitamins are incorporated into the diet of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and adults living in developing countries.
01/20/2016 11:44 EST

An Egg Farm Brings Value to a Whole African Community

Imagine an entirely different reality -- where one might be lucky to access a few eggs a year, let alone per day. One where there is no industry, no collective, and no regularity to production, let alone product standards. While not alone in terms of countries with major challenges, Swaziland is a region where the norm is a stark contrast from the Canadian situation.
10/10/2014 12:50 EDT