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Peter Fricker

Communications director, Vancouver Humane Society

Peter Fricker is the communications director at the Vancouver Humane Society (VHS), a registered charity dedicated to the humane treatment of animals. Peter has worked on a number of VHS campaigns, ranging from factory farming to the exotic animal trade. Most notably, he has helped VHS raise awareness of the plight of animals used in rodeos, especially at the Calgary Stampede. His writing has been featured in the Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, Globe and Mail and other Canadian newspapers.
How Vancouver Became A Vegetarian Karisssa via Getty Images

How Vancouver Became A Vegetarian Paradise

Vancouver has long been a vegetarian-friendly town. Back in 2010, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals named the city the sixth most veg-friendly city in North America and number one in Canada. But Vancouver and the rest of B.C.'s Lower Mainland have become more than just a good place to buy a veggie burger.
11/02/2016 11:31 EDT
The Food And Agriculture Industry Is Misleading Us With Rodolfo Buhrer / Reuters

The Food And Agriculture Industry Is Misleading Us With PR

Canada's food and agriculture industries have launched a public relations blitz designed to build public trust and confidence in Canadian food and farming. But even a cursory look at how this campaign is being conducted and who's behind it suggests consumers should cast a skeptical eye on its claims. To put it simply, Farm & Food Care Canada is not what it seems.
08/16/2016 01:14 EDT
Canadian Cities Should Say No To Hosting Todd Korol / Reuters

Canadian Cities Should Say No To Hosting Rodeos

Any city thinking of hosting the Canadian Finals Rodeo should look at how public attitudes are changing toward rodeo and other uses of animals in entertainment. The lack of public support shown by polling, the negative media opinion and the positions taken by animal groups have begun to have real consequences for rodeo, at least on the West Coast.
05/12/2016 11:29 EDT