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Peter Jaworski

Assistant Teaching Professor, Georgetown University

Peter is an Assistant Teaching Professor at Georgetown University where he teaches business ethics. He is a Director with the Institute for Liberal Studies, and a Senior Fellow with the Canadian Constitution Foundation. He is the author (with Jason Brennan) of Markets without Limits: Moral Virtues and Commercial Interests.
Commodifying Blood Donation Could Solve Canada's

Commodifying Blood Donation Could Solve Canada's Shortfall

The Voluntary Blood Donations Act" prohibits paying and receiving payment for blood, either directly or indirectly. With this bill, the legislature has made the giving and receiving of blood a sacrament. The simplest solution to the blood and plasma shortage is to desacralize blood and plasma. Instead of bowing our heads to this idol, we should see it as the false idol it is, and get back to having a market in blood.
10/08/2015 06:04 EDT
Would It Surprise You To Learn That You're the 1 Per

Would It Surprise You To Learn That You're the 1 Per Cent?

The rich have gotten richer, but the poor have gotten richer too. Wages have not stagnated. The decline of the middle class that you might have heard about is not due to people earning less and so becoming lower class. The middle class has shrunk because more of us are earning an upper class income.
05/12/2014 05:29 EDT
What If You Could Save 250 Lives By Feeling a Little

What If You Could Save 250 Lives By Feeling a Little Disgusted?

If you're worried that only the rich will be able to afford organs, no problem: We distribute the organs according to the current standard, or based on need. We have a third party, like the government, or a charity, pay for the kidneys. So no one on the waiting list would have to pay for the kidneys at all. Whether or not you get a kidney would not depend on how thick your wallet is.
05/05/2014 05:48 EDT
Hey Officer -- Get Out of My

Hey Officer -- Get Out of My Backyard

Section 436 of the Ontario Municipal Act allows municipalities to pass bylaws that give their officers permission to walk into your backyard, and onto your private property, without having to give the property owner notice, and without a warrant.In short. Don't we have a reasonable expectation of privacy in our backyards?
08/28/2012 05:10 EDT
Should By-Law Officers Have All That

Should By-Law Officers Have All That Power?

Did you know that while a police officer must have a warrant to enter your home, a by-law officer can come by any time without so much as a hello? No notice to the landowner is required, no warrant needed. Apart from a requirement that the officer present "proper identification" upon request, there are no hoops to jump through whatsoever. By-law might argue that it's because by-law offenses are minor -- typically resulting in nothing more than a fine -- that power of entry is warranted. But this reasoning is precisely backward.
08/14/2012 07:51 EDT
Government Grants Make Art

Government Grants Make Art Worse

To make money as an artist in Canada, you have two choices: Appeal to the crowd, or appeal for a grant. The former requires strong sales, good marketing, and a solid business plan. The latter requires an ability to fill in forms.
08/23/2011 04:53 EDT