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Peter Shurman

Social Commentator, CEO, former politician

Peter Shurman is a highly accomplished business executive, broadcaster and former Ontario MPP who was the Provincial Opposition Finance Critic.

Prior to his time in the legislature, he rose through the ranks of broadcast radio to become the President of Standard Radio and later, a broadcast acquisitions expert.

With a strong background in change management, Peter was instrumental in key acquisitions for third party buyers and has also owned and operated his own successful communications business. Peter is fluently bilingual (English and French) with over 45 years of experience in broadcasting, personal presentation, consulting, and executive management.

Peter Shurman maintains extensive and effective political and business networks and is leveraging his experience as an agent of positive change in business, the public sector, and now, as the author of Millennials: Boom’er Bust or How Gen Y Will Save The World, a book about bridging the vast generational disparities between baby boomers and their direct echo, the millennials (Gen Y).

Following an extensive career in business, Peter returned to his radio roots in 2004 as one of Toronto’s leading talk show hosts, as well as a featured national radio and television commentator. He occasionally still hosts a radio talk show on Newstalk 1010 in Toronto when he’s not musing about politics, the economy, millennials and our crazy Canadian weather on his blog, Shurmanations.
The Future Is Arriving Early – Are You

The Future Is Arriving Early – Are You Ready?

I believe an earth-shaking metamorphosis is underway. The good news is that the millennial generation gets it and, as natural early adopters, are blending into whatever comes along almost symbiotically as each next big thing enters their very different (from baby boomers) lives.
06/27/2016 11:19 EDT
Millennials As Disruptors: This Changes

Millennials As Disruptors: This Changes Everything

Early in 2015, I wrote about millennials as radically different from baby boomers because I believed our social structure would experience an earthquake as Gen Y took the helm. Gallup clearly identified this sea change and has researched key aspects. If you're a boomer, notably a boomer boss, pay attention! You need to know what you're into if, indeed, you don't already!
06/07/2016 02:04 EDT
Why Millennials Are Waiting For Their Woodstock

Why Millennials Are Waiting For Their Woodstock Moment

It's impossible to find anything in the world today that might serve Millennials as well as Woodstock served my generation. They clearly seek a signpost pointing to how things might be improved, even as the louder voices of my waning cohort dismiss them thinking, as they wrongly do, that Boomers will live forever.
05/10/2016 09:49 EDT
Are You Skilled Enough To Manage

Are You Skilled Enough To Manage Millennials?

If you're a boomer-aged manager who thinks they have what it takes to effectively work with a millennial workforce, think again. This test will show you whether you've actually got the skills, or if you have a lot of work ahead of you.
03/09/2016 03:16 EST