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Phil Chang

Hubba’s resident Retail Expert and Retail Geek. He's always thinking about retail trends and how the industry is changing.

Hubba’s resident Retail Expert. Phil’s been around the block when it comes to all things retail with experience at companies like Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Pfizer and Target. He’s done everything from being a sales guy to a buyer to global franchise.

From price points and margins, to the best products in any industry – he’s the guy you go to when you’re looking for answers on retail industry trends and analytics, what the industry is thinking about today, tomorrow and a year from now.If you have any questions about how to grow your business, you can find him on Twitter @RetailPhil
Why Do Your Job When Influencers Can Do It For

Why Do Your Job When Influencers Can Do It For You?

Influencers have become a major source of advocacy for brands. Sure, television, radio and print continue to be tried-and-true vehicles for promotion, but social media platforms and digital influencers mean that there really are no limits to the number of consumers a brand can reach out to.
02/15/2017 08:02 EST