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Philippe Labrecque est un journaliste et blogueur. Il possède un baccalauréat en science politique de l'université Concordia, une maîtrise en études de la guerre à King's College de Londres et un certificat en études politiques européennes de l'Institute d'Études Politiques de Strasbourg. <br> <br> Philippe a travaillé pour des institutions comme le Conseil allemand sur les Affaires étrangères, le Hudson Institute, la Radio HDR et l'organisme montréalais Jeunesse au Soleil. Philippe est présentement candidat à la maîtrise en administration et politique publique à l'Université Concordia. <br> <br> Vous pouvez visiter son blogue au: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Why It's Important To Watch Middle Eastern News Coverage With a Critical

Why It's Important To Watch Middle Eastern News Coverage With a Critical Eye

If the theory that the executions were faked by Hollywood (and that the journalists were alive) seem far-fetched, it illustrates the ideological line of the network as the influence of Qatar's royalty, the founders of the TV station, can be felt as they may not view an American intervention against the Islamic State favourably.
09/11/2014 05:35 EDT
Blame Western Hypocrisy for Crimea's

Blame Western Hypocrisy for Crimea's Crisis

In other words, Russia's invasion of Crimea has been in the making for a long time. Russia's position of weakness as the Soviet Union disintegrated did not permit the Kremlin to act with strength against a policy of Western expansion at the expense of Russian interests. If anyone is the bully is this situation it is not simplistically Putin and the Russian military.
03/11/2014 12:36 EDT
Are We Witnessing the Break Up of

Are We Witnessing the Break Up of Iraq?

With the improbability of an U.S. intervention in Syria and the last of the American troops out of Iraq, for better or worse, the U.S. and the West may be limited to stay on the sidelines while working through allies in the region while the fate of the region is in the balance.
03/04/2014 12:41 EST
The Miley Cyrus Critics Who Cried

The Miley Cyrus Critics Who Cried 'Racist'

How many accusations of racism can society actually digest without, at some point, starting to become numb to the never-ending unprovable, inaccurate, and hateful allegations, and the imposition of white guilt by what American economist Thomas Sowell calls the "self-annointed" liberal elite?
08/31/2013 06:41 EDT