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Piotr M. Szpunar

assistant professor, Department of Communication, University at Albany

Polish-born, Canadian-raised, living in America, Piotr researches and writes about identity, media and conflict. Most recently, he's working on the politics surrounding homegrown terrorism in America and its casualties. He examines how anxieties about threat, digital media and violence affect how a collective defines what it is and what it is not, who is included and who is excluded; a process that fundamentally alters conceptions, experiences and practices of citizenship in contemporary America.
Let's Reflect on the Attacks in Canada, But Hold Off on

Let's Reflect on the Attacks in Canada, But Hold Off on Legislation

The horrific and public murders of two Canadian servicemen days apart will surely become political fodder for debates about Canada's international and domestic policies and practices concerning terrorism. While these tragedies should indeed stimulate conversation and reflection, they should not be used to stifle debate and facilitate the speedy passing of any counter-terrorism legislation without due scrutiny or a critical eye.
11/03/2014 12:43 EST