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Sarah Collins

Parent, Teacher, Author

Sarah Collins has a one thought commute, living just five doors from the elementary school in Vancouver where her three children attend and she teaches primary grades. "We try to take each year as it comes," she says, "and I never teach my kids or wear my Mom-hat in the staff room. None of my colleagues have complained yet, but the coffee gift cards might have something to do with that."

Sarah enjoys co-leading the school choir, supporting green initiatives, and playing soccer with local moms.

(PJ) Sarah Collins is also an award-winning children's author and an enthusiastic soccer goalie.
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I often think of the raw deal you've been given when I'm on the line. Your child has moved on from our labour dispute weeks ago, and is enjoying an early break to their summer. But we haven't mentioned in the media enough about how much you've been inconvenienced with the erratic interruptions to your work schedule and the juggling you've undertaken to keep everyone in your care safe, engaged, and happy.
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