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Sarcastic and awesome work so well together.

Aspiring SuperMommy, girlfriend extraordinaire, regular day job holder and entrepreneur. I’m sarcastic as shit. I write for fun and never guarantee the accuracy of my posts. My opinion is mine, but should be yours too.
My Privilege Is A

My Privilege Is A Problem

I am privileged. I am white, straight, cisgendered, thin, middle class, first world, able-bodied. Apart from my gender, I've pretty much hit the privilege jackpot. Even being a female, I recognize that the oppression and discrimination I've experienced (and I have) is tame compared to those in other parts of the world. In terms of access and resources and genetics - I was born with a big fat horseshoe inserted squarely up my ass. And I'm one of the few that knows it.
11/19/2014 01:47 EST
Why Your #Firstworldproblems are

Why Your #Firstworldproblems are Valid

There's importance in recognizing our station in life. There's value in evaluating our concerns and determining if they're fleeting or a bit premature. There is an utmost necessity in understanding what is going on around us and around the globe, and a responsibility to speak out against injustice. Sometimes, having a grasp on another's situation can help us reframe our own.
08/15/2014 12:56 EDT
To Jennifer O'Brien -- The Deepest

To Jennifer O'Brien -- The Deepest Sympathies

I can't pretend that I understand. I could never fully understand, could I? I'm not sure I would ever want to. But I can imagine. I'm a mom, too, Jennifer, and I can imagine. I'm imagining my own boy and the thought of going though what you are, well, it's the most pain that anyone could inflict. The biggest horror. My worst nightmare. Even the imagining makes me cry, and for me it's only a scenario. For you it's real life
07/16/2014 03:09 EDT