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Quinn Greene

Winnipeg writer, filmmaker, and producer. Writer and performer with sketch comedy troupe H.U.N.K.S. Co-owner of Wasteland Productions.

Quinn Greene is a 10 year veteran of the Winnipeg film industry, a theatre producer, and a prolific stage and screen performer. From his wild roles in the Winnipeg Fringe's five star hit 'Rogue Cop', to playing a booger in the children's television series 'Planet Echo', to writing and hosting MTS: Stories From Home's 'Geekopolis', Quinn revels in embodying the most ridiculous characters. Recently, he has enjoyed major successes with his sketch comedy troupe H.U.N.K.S., including performing in the 2016 Vancouver Sketch Fest, the 2016 Montreal Sketch Fest, the 2016 Seattle Sketch Fest and more. Quinn appears alongside his family in the CBC Firsthand documentary “Being Greene”, a film about a Canadian family of entertainers and their ongoing struggle with mental illness.
Mental Illness Won't Stop My Family From Fighting The

Mental Illness Won't Stop My Family From Fighting The Stigma

My name is Quinn Greene. I am mentally ill. My mother, Roxie. My father, Dave. My brother, Kane. We are all mentally ill. We are actor, entertainer, musician, writer. And we are anger, hoarding, anxiety and depression. But we are also working hard, fighting back, finding health and strength in each other, and we are full of hope.
10/12/2016 04:52 EDT