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Quito Maggi

Quito Maggi is President and CEO of Mainstreet Research, a Canadian public research firm with offices in Montreal, Calgary and headquarters in Toronto. As President of Mainstreet Research, Quito Maggi has been credited by media as a consistently accurate pollster of political public opinion including recent elections in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia and a number of Municipalities and by-elections across Canada.

Quito has advised numerous politicians over his 20 year career in politics and public policy, including Councillors, Mayors, MPPs, MLAs, MPs and Ministers.
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Green Rush 2.0: Canadian Marijuana Is A Growth Industry

Yes, I said it. Back in 2014, a "green rush" began as mainstream investors started realizing the huge profits that could be made in the cannabis business when just two states had legal sales of recreational cannabis. With legal recreational use likely less than a year away, why haven't we yet seen a spike in share prices for Canadian cannabis stocks?
07/11/2016 05:48 EDT
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Preferential Ballot System Benefits Not Only The Liberals

A preferential ballot system levels the playing field for all candidates. Like the per-vote subsidy, it will promote more party/candidate loyalty on the first vote. Unlike the last election, strategic voters won't need to choose between voting for the party they like and voting for the party they think can beat party/candidate X. They can do both.
05/17/2016 11:31 EDT

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Crackdown Gets Priorities All Wrong

Toronto Mayor John Tory has written a letter to the head of Municipal Licensing and Standards to ask for a report and recommendations for dealing with what he called the "verging on out of control" growth of medical marijuana dispensaries. Let's compare their health and safety impacts to industries that already exist.
05/16/2016 11:14 EDT

The NDP Lost The Manitoba Election The Day Greg Selinger Ran

With over a year and a half to work, a new leader could have righted the ship, made this election competitive, saved the careers of dozens of MLAs and perhaps even have won government. What Greg Selinger likely counted on at the time, despite seeing these numbers, is what we saw during the last election, and what historically happens in Manitoba.
04/18/2016 12:59 EDT
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For Electorate, Strategic Voting a Decision of Biblical Proportions

A large percentage each of NDP and Liberal supporters (over 30 per cent) is prepared to vote for the other if it is seen as the better option to defeat the Conservatives. However, the current deadlock has not revealed who that is and any gains made by either are small -- The tipping point, if it in fact occurs, may come down to Canadians making a judgement similar to that expressed in folklore and widely known as the Judgement of Solomon.
09/22/2015 12:35 EDT

Why Election 43 Already Matters

By ensuring funding for the next election and limiting the campaign abilities of the other parties, the Conservatives will surely win Election 43. Donation limits only refresh annually, not per election, so if another snap election is triggered in 2015, parties would be scrambling to find new donors who had not already contributed the maximum to the current election.
09/10/2015 05:21 EDT

Why Election Campaigns Are Like Shark Week

To put it in its simplest terms, this election will be like a feeding frenzy -- there is blood in the water and the sharks are circling. There is definitely a megashark in the water, he is ready to rip and tear his opponents apart to assert his role as the apex megashark. He's a shark, it's what they do.
07/10/2015 05:36 EDT
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Online Polls: Good for Lifestyle Quizzes, Not for Politics

Online polls can be fun and if we want to determine the public's opinion on their favourite colour, or why they like Britney Spears better than Madonna, they can be accurate enough to be newsworthy, I suppose. I think we have to look at the differences between American and Canadian politics and culture to understand why online polls don't accurately reflect public opinion accurately enough when it comes to voting intentions.
03/27/2015 05:54 EDT