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Rachel Anne Farquharson

Essayist and curator

Rachel Anne Farquharson is an essayist and curator based in Toronto. With a penchant for the curious, she spends her time daydreaming, collecting paper ephemera and writing editorial contributions to various international publications including C Magazine and Carousel and online fora such as and The Huffington Post.

Recently, the Tate Britain published her critical writings on art works in the Gallery’s collection.
10x10 Photo Exhibit a Portrait of Toronto's Queer

10x10 Photo Exhibit a Portrait of Toronto's Queer Community

The days of making simplistic associations between homosexuality and artistry are fading -- or at least the second annual 10 x 10 Photography Exhibit suggests as much. The exhibit was borne of a persistent desire to promote and honour members of the LGBT community. Ten photographers each contribute 10 images capturing the faces (and bodies!) of LGBT artists prominent within the copse of Toronto's artistic landscape.
06/25/2012 03:37 EDT
The Problem With Benefit Art

The Problem With Benefit Art Auctions

While helping to organize yet another fundraising auction, I noticed that a few of the artists I approached felt unable to donate work, either because it didn't make sense for them financially at the time or because they had recently given work to one of the other (older) auctions taking place in Toronto.
09/29/2011 09:10 EDT