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Rachel Bulatovich


Rachel Bulatovich is a twenty-something living and writing in Toronto. Her work has been called "a bit too irreverent" by creative writing professors, "not what we're looking for" by editors, and "great" by her mom. She often says regrettable things on Twitter at @rrbulatovich.
I Wasn't Raped, But I Want to Talk About Being

I Wasn't Raped, But I Want to Talk About Being Violated

To call what happened to me "rape" would be dishonest and disrespectful to survivors of rape. I was, however, a prime candidate for rape twice in my life, and escaped by the skin of my teeth both times. Our society seems to think it's rape or bust: minor sexual assaults are tragically unreported, and this is why I'm writing this piece: I want to change that. If every woman who's been a victim tells her story, we can start to stitch together a narrative of sexual violence, the understanding of which is the first step towards eradicating it. I know it's difficult to tell people about experiences where you weren't in control, but think of it this way: by speaking about your experiences, you're giving a voice to other victims, past, present and future.
04/29/2015 05:30 EDT
What Your Mixed Drink Says About

What Your Mixed Drink Says About You

The cousin of the Skinny Bitch, this drink is for people worried about both their sugar and sodium intakes. You're either a young woman or a beefy guy with a chinstrap beard and faux-tattoo t-shirt. You've asked for the drink with extra lime because you want to distract yourself from the worst tasting water ever.
02/28/2015 06:13 EST
Why This Will Be the Year of

Why This Will Be the Year of #LivingDeliberately

I'm glad and excited that technology has given voices to people who would otherwise be silent, myself included. I'm relieved that getting fired up on camera is no longer limited to Fox anchors or the <em>Mad Money</em> guy. I'm thrilled that people can change the world with a YouTube video or blog post, but this excitement is tinged with the worry that the system is starting to fail.
01/21/2015 11:52 EST
Stop Asking Me

Stop Asking Me "Where Are You From?"

I get asked a lot about my "heritage." I hate that word, the concept, and everything that tags along with it. In a lot of situations -- social, professional, or other -- I find it completely out of context and irrelevant. Sure, if you're talking about your grandmothers' cooking, it might be a salient thing to ask, but the majority of the time, it just makes you sound ignorant, especially if you push for an answer when the subject seems uncomfortable. Then you're just rude.
01/21/2015 05:22 EST