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Rachel Gray

Executive Director of The Stop Community Food Centre

Rachel Gray is Executive Director of The Stop Community Food Centre. Prior to joining The Stop in 2012, she worked nationally and locally with homeless youth, including as the Director of Eva’s National Program, and also served as a special assistant to Ontario’s Minister of Health.

35 Years On

The housing crisis in Toronto brings into stark relief a fundamental quandary. As house prices skyrocket, we have hit a new low with news that, after years of neglect, 1,000 social housing units will...
05/04/2017 11:43 EDT
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We Need A New Approach To Funding Poverty Reduction

Canada's largest city has a world-class problem with poverty, and yet we hope that maybe, just maybe, it will go away. Rest assured it's not. Far from an old-school approach to budgeting, we need leadership and new approaches to revenue generation unless we want to be paying for the growing costs of poverty for years to come.
02/04/2016 04:43 EST
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Food Insecurity Is the Predictable Result of Poverty

The Stop has been running a food bank for over 30 years. With help from students at the University of Toronto's School of Public Policy, we recently asked community members about our emergency response. We provide healthy food, but our monthly hampers last three days. We wanted to know what happens the other 27 days. Food insecurity is not an "emergency," but the predictable result of poverty, a slow-burning fire, affecting one in eight Canadian households. More than 30 years on, we refer to food banks as emergency response. Is that what we mean? Is it time to call out this dangerous misnomer and the inadequate national response it has fostered?
09/18/2015 08:10 EDT