Rachel Ricketts

Writer. Healer. Grief Coach. Recovering Lawyer. Founder of loss&found (www.lossandfoundxo.com)

Rachel is a loss survivor and founder of online grief support space loss&foundxo. A lover and a fighter. Beyonce fan and donut addict. She's attended a Native American healing circle and 2Chainz concert in the same day – needless to say, she keeps it REAL.

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The Grief Inherent In Being Black And Hero Images via Getty Images

The Grief Inherent In Being Black And Feminist

It's exhausting having to constantly point out privilege, what it is, how it operates and how it's insidious and thus extremely hard to see or understand when you have so much of it; which is precisely why even those feminists with the best intentions can get caught up defending their own story instead of listening to the stories of those more oppressed. 
03/08/2017 11:34 EST
How To Get Through The Holidays While Paola Cravino Photography via Getty Images

How To Get Through The Holidays While Grieving

While everyone else throws back rum and eggnog and busies themselves with holiday shopping, those of us in grief are doing our best just to get through the day. Hearing a holiday song, smelling a familiar scent or walking by a decorated store window can be all it takes for us to come undone. So, what can you do? Well, quite a lot. Below are my suggestions for how I plan to get through -- I hope it's of help to you too.
12/02/2016 07:00 EST
Coping With Your Post-Election John Moore via Getty Images

Coping With Your Post-Election Grief

I am terrified that tens of millions of Americans came out in spades to support a man who is endorsed by the KKK, a known terrorist group. Trump is an admitted sexist, a liar, cheat and alleged rapist. A man(child) with zero political background -- completely and entirely unqualified for any position of stature. He is Hitler 2.0, and he now represents the most powerful country in the world. It is, in a word, devastating.
11/09/2016 06:09 EST
No One Deserves To Die The Way My Mother Robert Lang Photography via Getty Images

No One Deserves To Die The Way My Mother Did

Though assisted death is now officially legal in our fair country, we have yet to formalize a national framework and the debate over the specifics of the regulations seem to omit the most critical voice -- that of the individuals and families who have and continue to be subject to archaic mindsets that deny certain patients the right to end their own life, and control their own destiny. It is imperative we hear these voices -- and so here is mine.
06/09/2016 10:39 EDT