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Rachel Schipper

Founder, Curated Wellness and New Mom Dream Team

Rachel Schipper is the Founder of <a href="" rel="nofollow">Curated Wellness</a> and the <a href="" rel="nofollow">New Mom Dream Team</a>. She is a former Wall Street lawyer, and a mom.
It's Time We Valued Motherhood In The

It's Time We Valued Motherhood In The Workplace

Motherhood is often treated as something we can do on the side, while we keep charging ahead with our preconceived plans about what other parts of our lives will look like. The thing is, none of us actually know what we're getting into. We are out of our minds to think that caregiving and child rearing are invisible, background and secondary.
05/05/2016 01:02 EDT
10 Tips to Throw Dinner Together Like a

10 Tips to Throw Dinner Together Like a Pro

I'm not Martha Stewart but I know how to make dining a nearly effortless pleasure. In about five minutes from now, you will too. There are no recipes here but my top 10 tips for being able to make a healthy beautiful meal easily and without going for a big shop, because who needs to add that to a busy day
06/03/2015 08:32 EDT
The Key Ingredient Missing From Your

The Key Ingredient Missing From Your Resolutions

For anyone who's reached a goal or manifested a dream, you know that it starts with figuring out what that dream or goal is. The rest is about applying your energy in the direction of your desire to make it happen. Running a 10k starts with a sweaty, breathless jog around the block; starting a business with a brainstorming session with your smartest friends and advisors; writing a book with opening the file and naming it.
01/21/2014 12:13 EST
How to Regain Your Adrenaline

How to Regain Your Adrenaline Edge

The stress that used to fire you up to work harder or faster or better simply stops having that effect, because the physiology of constant stress without recovery has worn out the mechanism that gives you your "adrenaline edge." What's a skeptical adrenaline junkie to do?
08/20/2013 08:12 EDT