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Rachel Scott

Nerd. Artist. Educator. Dir. of YYoga Teachers’ College. Manages existential astonishment with devilish sense of humour.

Nerd. Artist. Educator. Director of YYoga Teachers’ Development & College. Manages chronic existential astonishment and relationship blunderings through relentless inquiry and a devilish sense of humour.
How Dating Can Be A Spiritual Christopher Robbins via Getty Images

How Dating Can Be A Spiritual Experience

Whenever we meet someone, some deep part of our psyche perks up and says, "I don't know why, but this person that I just met is incredibly important and they could be the absolute key to my happiness and well-being for the rest of my life." The endorphins kick in, the toes start to tingle and pretty soon we've imagined the relationship, the marriage, the kids and the divorce before the second date.
03/04/2016 12:20 EST
5 Ways Yoga Will Improve Your shutterstock

5 Ways Yoga Will Improve Your Relationship

Next time you hit a challenge, recreate your Savasana space by taking five deep breaths and clearing your mind. Reconnect to the calm beneath the storm. And then decide if him forgetting to get the groceries is really that big of a deal.
12/16/2015 05:16 EST