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Rachel Sklar


Rachel Sklar is a writer/entrepreneur and founder of She was previously the founding media editor at The Huffington Post and was one of its earliest hires. She is the author of The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Women.

How Canada Made Me An Obama

How Canada Made Me An Obama Lover

I can't actually vote for Barack Obama -- though I live in New York City I'm from Canada and it's stamped on my passport as surely as on the way I say "out." But there is no being part of the great churning American media machine -- whether as a viewer, reader, listener, Tweeter, Instagrammer or random Canadian who somehow snuck her way on television -- without forming an opinion. Sometimes, it's even educated! As for me, the more educated I got, the more I came to realize that my support for the 44th President of the United States and his party actually has its roots well north of the border. Really, every reason I can think of to vote for Barack Obama I learned from Canada. In the language of my people, et voila...
11/06/2012 05:32 EST