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Rachel Thexton

PR Maven, Animal Lover, World Wanderer

Rachel Thexton enjoys coming up with fresh ideas and creative approaches to storytelling and media relations. Increasingly, Rachel incorporates digital strategy into communications plans and excels at generating coverage for clients in both traditional media outlets and on the most frequented blogs. She has worked in PR for twelve years, and is a graduate of Indiana University’s School of Journalism.
Addicts Are Not Having Fun. We Are Simply Trying To

Addicts Are Not Having Fun. We Are Simply Trying To Survive.

I have now been clean from opioids since April 2016 ... almost one year. It was not easy and I will always be an addict in recovery BUT if my mental illness and trauma was diagnosed earlier, I may never have sought the comfort of drugs.
03/22/2017 02:41 EDT
4 Types Of Online Influencers That Brands Hate To Work

4 Types Of Online Influencers That Brands Hate To Work With

New digital personalities pop up daily and although we often hear about the PR behaviours that annoy bloggers and influencers, it's also important for us to recognize some of the shady influencer behaviours that can leave a communicator frustrated and far from their PR goals.
07/13/2016 02:12 EDT
Kanye's Twitter Feud Is A Lesson In What's Off Limits

Kanye's Twitter Feud Is A Lesson In What's Off Limits Online

You or your business may not have 18 million followers on Twitter, but the lessons from this impulsive online exchange can serve as a lesson for anyone who has an online profile. When you communicate instantly through social media, it's easy to find yourself caught up in an emotional exchange with another user who is criticizing you or your brand.
02/03/2016 11:39 EST
The Rise Of The Online

The Rise Of The Online Influencer

These are not necessarily bloggers, media or experienced writers but instead someone who is active online and who has developed a large, high quality following and engagement with online communities.
11/05/2015 06:47 EST
My Mom Had Privilege But No Mental Health

My Mom Had Privilege But No Mental Health Treatment

Vancouver is the city voted as having the highest quality of living in North America. Yet this is the city where my mom spent two days isolated and heavily medicated in hospital with nurses behind glass walls, visited daily for a short discussion with a psychiatrist, and then discharged alone with the same prescription medication that she used to attempt suicide. My mom does not have a problem with drugs or alcohol and without addiction, there was nowhere for her to go beyond the unequipped hospital ER.
10/09/2014 05:14 EDT
Bloggers And PR: How To Plan The Perfect

Bloggers And PR: How To Plan The Perfect Date

Today, blogger relations is a part of many PR campaigns; even though the concept and relationships are not new, the love affair can turn sour in a hurry. At a recent Vancouver "speed dating" event, bloggers and PR pros identified key relationship tips to ensure a happy marriage.
05/16/2014 20:58 EDT
Ni Hao! Speaking Chinese In Your PR

Ni Hao! Speaking Chinese In Your PR Campaign

If you aren't communicating in Chinese, you're missing an important audience in Metro Vancouver. And if you don't have a team member or members that speak Mandarin and Cantonese, you aren't getting a complete picture of the myriad and evolving ways to talk to Chinese-speaking Vancouverites.
03/19/2014 05:27 EDT
Canucks Coach Tortorella's PR

Canucks Coach Tortorella's PR Grade

In a top NHL hockey market, there is nothing a Vancouver Canucks player or coach does on or off the ice that goes unnoticed by the city's sports media. During the recent off-season, Vancouver headlines focused on the new "man in charge", coach John Tortorella, a man known for his impatient and often volatile relationship with sports media. From screaming and swearing at reporters to his aggressive approach in post game media scrums, Tortorella has earned a reputation with those in the press box. So how has the NHL coach handled the tenacious Vancouver sports media so far?
10/23/2013 01:45 EDT
PR? What's That

PR? What's That Again?

Where does the PR professional fit into a marketing mix that now includes heavy online and social media components? How do they adapt to a landscape where coverage options have decreased due to shrinking newsrooms? The tools, strategies and skill sets for the job have changed. Enter the hybrid PR professional.
07/11/2013 11:04 EDT