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Rafe Mair

Broadcaster and Writer

Rafe Mair is a former lawyer, cabinet minister and scratch golfer who went into honest work and became a broadcaster and writer on public affairs.

During his public career Mair was the British Columbia minister responsible for constitutional affairs leading up to the patriation of the Canadian Constitution, and through 1980 attended all the critical meetings either as Premier Bennett’s representative or adviser. Rafe Mair hardly confines his efforts to politics. In his editorials he often talks about sports, his slow, unsteady return to his Anglican roots, fly-fishing and travel. Basically, though, Mair is a political junkie and, because he’s been there, a highly skeptical one who combines gut reaction with pungent reaction punctuated with what has been called his “wicked sense of humour.”
It's Time For PM Trudeau To Get To Know B.C. For

It's Time For PM Trudeau To Get To Know B.C. For Real

Your inferential calling B.C.'s patriotism into question because we will vigorously oppose your approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline demonstrates clearly that you're quite unable to understand this, your connections to B.C. notwithstanding.
01/01/2017 03:03 EST
Quit Lecturing Vancouverites For Opposing

Quit Lecturing Vancouverites For Opposing Pipelines

British Columbians have made extraordinary adjustments in their outlook in the last several decades. When I was a boy and a young man there was always another valley to log, another run of fish, more farmland around the corner, more rivers to dam or even reverse. This was considered our birthright. But though it took us a long time to realize it, we saw that we no longer had those luxuries.
12/06/2016 11:10 EST
Enbridge Pipeline Must Be Opposed With 'Massive Civil

Enbridge Pipeline Must Be Opposed With 'Massive Civil Disobedience'

The Conservative government's decision to approve the Northern Gateway pipeline is the greatest threat to national unity since the Quebec crisis in 1995. It is reminiscent of Pierre Trudeau's National Energy Program of 1980, except in that case the program could be and was cancelled. This is, simply put, an "up yours" to our province of B.C.
06/25/2014 01:32 EDT
B.C. Premier Must Have Known About 'Ethnicgate,' Must

B.C. Premier Must Have Known About 'Ethnicgate,' Must Resign

Dear Premier Clark, If you didn't hear or say anything, then your incompetence is beyond belief (actually, come to think of it, there's plenty of other evidence on that point). If this is the case, then you must resign. If, on the other hand, you knew what was happening, premier, then you must also resign.
03/10/2013 04:34 EDT
Christy Clark's Pipeline Bleating Is Egregious, Disingenuous

Christy Clark's Pipeline Bleating Is Egregious, Disingenuous Nonsense

I'm beginning to feel sorry for Premier Christy Clark. She is a very nice person, personable and able to speak. What she is not capable of doing is speaking sensibly or making decisions that make sense. It seems obvious to me that she is getting wretched advice and nowhere is this more evident than on the pipeline issue.
10/03/2012 08:00 EDT
I Think The B.C. Liberals Are

I Think The B.C. Liberals Are Tostada

The resignation of Kevin Falcon as finance minister, along with other MLAs who have declared they won't seek re-election cannot be seen -- as Premier Christy Clark would have it -- simply an opportunity for her to promote able backbenchers. The big reason for caucus loyalty is that they owe their seats to the leader. When they see that the leader is most unlikely to be able to lead them into the ditch, they become antsy and no longer loyal colleagues waiting for that cabinet post to happen. They can no longer see any way they will be promoted and even if they are, they will be shipmates on the Titanic.
08/30/2012 04:40 EDT
What Hasn't Changed Since I Was B.C. Health

What Hasn't Changed Since I Was B.C. Health Minister

Back in ancient times I was health minister in B.C. Much has changed. No one had heard of AIDS in 1979-80. Organ transplants were rare. MRIs were just gleams in inventors' eyes. One thing has however remained the same -- the debate over private medicine. In those days doctors were demanding the right of "balance billing," a euphemism for padding their bills. Now the doctors are mad at Vancouver's Dr. Brian Day for operating his own form of balance billing by running a clinic outside the Medical Services Plan. At this writing, Day is challenging the government to go to court and get an injunction against his clinic.
08/22/2012 09:48 EDT