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Raffi Cavoukian

Troubadour, Author

For millions of fans, Raffi's music was the soundtrack of their childhoods. These "beluga grads" now share his songs with their own kids. Raffi has been described by the Washington Post and the Toronto Star as the most popular children's entertainer in the western world, and Canada's all time children's champion. Raffi is a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, and ecology advocate. He holds three honorary degrees, is the recipient of numerous awards, and is a Member of the Order of Canada. Inspired by Bernie Sanders’ principled and visionary campaign for U.S. presidential nomination, Raffi wrote and recorded the song "Wave Of Democracy.”
B.C. Needs A Premier Who Will Represent The traveler1116 via Getty Images

B.C. Needs A Premier Who Will Represent The People

The so-called B.C. Liberals aren't liberal. They try to run government like a business. B.C. is the only province without a poverty reduction plan. Not a word on this from the corporate premier. Clark likes to brag about BC's strong economy, but she won't address the gross inequality in our province or the record number of children in poverty.
05/05/2017 02:08 EDT
Imagining A Plan B For Bernie Sanders' Grassroots Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Imagining A Plan B For Bernie Sanders' Grassroots Revolution

Here's a thought, Bernie. You could decide you're forming a new party: The Progressive Party, say. Millions of donations would carry you, millions of independents would cheer and vote for you. Progressives would run for Congress. The U.S. political culture would finally gain a progressive flag to wave -- for a long time into the future.
06/09/2016 05:34 EDT
Declaring Hillary Clinton's 'Historic Moment' Is A Rush To ASSOCIATED PRESS

Declaring Hillary Clinton's 'Historic Moment' Is A Rush To Judgment

The talk on corporately owned mainstream media (MSM) is of a historic moment on Tuesday, when, if you count Hillary's 400 plus superdelegates, her total number can go above the needed 2383, and, the talk goes, she becomes the Democrats' presumptive nominee -- the first woman to win a nomination for president. Yes, this would be something to celebrate. If true.
06/06/2016 03:13 EDT
Christy Clark Is Balancing the Budget at the Expense of Kids and Getty

Christy Clark Is Balancing the Budget at the Expense of Kids and Teachers

The current teachers federation vs. government struggle is more than a labour dispute. For those who look closely, what's revealed is a style of government that appears to disregard facts, deceive the public, tarnish the reputation of teachers, all in a move to pit the people against teachers and their legal right to due process under the law. Government's disdain for trained professionals in order to gain a political advantage is deplorable. No government should hide the truth of its past misconduct. No government should balance the budget at the expense of teachers and kids.
09/12/2014 12:27 EDT
Did Police Miss Chance To Protect Amanda Todd From Myspace

Did Police Miss Chance To Protect Amanda Todd From Blackmailer?

Amanda Todd took her life in 2012 at the age of 15 after being relentlessly blackmailed by a ruthless predator. She deserved a more informed and effective police response than what was offered. She deserved to feel protected. So do all the Canadian kids who are being blackmailed or lured into performing sexual acts on webcam right now.
04/27/2014 11:57 EDT
Can a Computer Replace the Real Getty

Can a Computer Replace the Real Thing?

If the internet and InfoTech have become the background of our thoughts, something fundamentally human may be shifting. Our relationship to Nature, our footing on Earth. Our essential experience of human reality. InfoTech pioneers, brilliant engineers and visionaries, have had diverse motivations in leading this digital revolution. Originally, InfoTech wasn't all about money, though money is very much at the centre of it now. Many were thrilled at the democratic possibilities of an electronically connected world; some were dazzled by the chance to alter reality. By a chance to play God.
06/21/2013 08:05 EDT
Lightweb Darkweb: Three Reasons To Reform Social Media Before it Re-Forms Getty Images

Lightweb Darkweb: Three Reasons To Reform Social Media Before it Re-Forms Us

The worldwide web of computer connection has a light side and a dark side. The "Lightweb" is known to all who use the Internet as a daily part of life. We easily connect to anyone around the world, not just via email, but through a variety of online platforms and texting applications even on the smallest personal computing devices. The "Darkweb" is there too. Imposters, predators and porn sites lurk in the shadows on the Information Superhighway and all too easily lure unsuspecting users. Can we regulate and inspire a digital code of conduct that rewards our highest inclinations and enables connecting for the greatest good?
05/13/2013 12:13 EDT
When Social Media Is Used for Alamy

When Social Media Is Used for Bad

The benefits of social media (SM) in connecting users worldwide are well known, and we ourselves have cheered the democratization of knowledge and information sharing. However, the proliferations of SM access to an increasingly younger demographic is most worrisome. Our concern is with young SM users, the estimated 200 million under 17 users of Facebook and similar sites. Amanda Todd's call for help burns our senses and we shout a cry. And a challenge.
12/03/2012 05:12 EST
Dear Sheryl Sandberg: Please Keep Predators Off Myspace/AP

Dear Sheryl Sandberg: Please Keep Predators Off Facebook

We are a community of concerned citizens in British Columbia, including Amanda Todd's mother. As you may know, Amanda was contacted and blackmailed through Facebook by an adult predator who impersonated local teens to enter her circles of friends. We appeal to you as COO of Facebook, a mother, a visionary digital media leader, and member of the board of The Walt Disney Company, to lead industry-wide adoption of systemic security to block predators and abusers from accessing kids on major social media platforms, starting with Facebook itself.
11/16/2012 05:41 EST
My Dear Kavna: A Whale of a Love CP

My Dear Kavna: A Whale of a Love Story

I feel like I've lost a very dear old friend. Yet it's much more than that. Since hearing the news of your death, I have felt the loss of an extended family member -- one who had a profound impact on me. Kavna, meeting you moved me so deeply it changed my life.
08/10/2012 08:07 EDT
Advice to AP

Advice to Harper

Prime Minister Harper, apologize to Canadians for being in contempt of the House -- the true reason your minority government was brought down, and a rightful concern for Canadians, which you've dismissed as mere "bickering." Have the humility and courage to say, "I'm sorry."
05/30/2011 09:13 EDT