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Raisa Tan

Managing editor for; Radio DJ for Mellow 94.7 in the Philippines

Raisa is a mom of two minions, er, boys who always keep her on her toes. When not chasing after them, she manages to squeeze in being a managing editor for and is also a radio DJ for Mellow 94.7 in the Philippines. Connect with her at or on Twitter and Instagram @raisa_tan
Yes, I Am The Mother Of 'That' Courtesy of Blogger

Yes, I Am The Mother Of 'That' Child

That child who's hit yours one too many times. That child who's made fun of and teased yours. That child who's done a myriad of other disappointing things. Yes, I'm the mother of that child. The one who constantly causes trouble. The one who other parents have deemed a nuisance to be around.
10/29/2015 01:33 EDT