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Ramona Pringle

Host and Producer, @rdigitaLIFE

Ramona Pringle is the host and producer of “rdigitalife”, an online series examining the evolving relationship between humanity and technology. She is part of the new media faculty at Ryerson University and runs a boutique multiplatform production company.

Her studio Ramona Pringle Productions, specializes in multiplatform productions and has recently completed a pilot called The Real Lives of Avatars, chronicling the lives of online gamers and digital media citizens. Her “Avatar Secrets” have been featured in the New York Times, and presented at events including SXSW interactive, TEDx and Ignite.

As Interactive Media Producer for PBS FRONTLINE’s Digital Nation, she developed the interactive media portal called “Your Stories” featuring user-generated content. She has developed several installations in her role as Media Director with the PeakMedia Collective, including an exhibition at the New York Hall of Science called Ballerina Remix; and the 24,000 square foot immersive video fresco entitled Winter Sky, installed at Sherway Garden.
As an actress, she has enjoyed numerous roles alongside some of Hollywood’s top stars on such films as 2007′s Shoot’em Up and 2005′s Cinderella Man. Her hosting working includes CBC’s pop culture show The X, and the webcast of Idea City.

With a Master’s Degree in Interactive Media from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, and a BFA Honors Degree in Film and Video from York University, she has also taught Directing and Acting at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.
Can We Still Embrace Technology Without Giving Up Russell Tate via Getty Images

Can We Still Embrace Technology Without Giving Up Privacy?

It starts to feel like a no win situation, or as Mr. Polonetsky puts it, as though "the data genie is out of the bottle" and there is no turning back. Following the NSA leaks it became clear that Big Brother was watching, and listening -- but so are thousands of little brothers and sisters -- as anyone with smartphone in his or her pocket now holds a powerful surveillance device.
11/26/2013 12:33 EST