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Chat with Ford Motor Co.'s Senior Interior Designer, Anthony

Chat with Ford Motor Co.'s Senior Interior Designer, Anthony Prozzi

A true example of when fashion meets function: Exploring the fashion automotive design space with Anthony Prozzi, Senior Interior Designer for FORD Motor Co. who chats with us about his transition from ready-to-wear to cars, the idea of meaningful design and being the Valentino of car couture.
12/11/2013 02:35 EST
The Charter's Veiled Threat Against Montreal's Ramp 1885

The Charter's Veiled Threat Against Montreal's Muslims

Quebec's Muslim women have been threatened -- violence against veiled women has increased dramatically since the Charter debate was introduced. In Quebec, the issue of choice and self-determination around the veil is critical. It would seem, then, that in matters of fashion, religion, and secularism, Montreal's Muslim women are being held to a higher standard by their provincial government. Montreal's young Hijabistas -- and those who support them -- told us what the veil means to them.
11/29/2013 07:56 EST
Guns and Gems: The True Cost of Your Getty

Guns and Gems: The True Cost of Your Diamonds

If you knew that [Sierra Leone's Revolutionary United Front] were coming, or if you even heard a rumour that the RUF were on their way, knowing that they cut the hands and feet off babies, you wouldn't hang around very long. And it worked -- it was very successful. It helped them clear the diamond fields, and they could dig diamonds to their heart's content. There are 1.5-million artisanal diamond diggers in Africa -- they produce about 16 per cent of the world's diamonds. So there's a good chance that 16 per cent of the diamonds in any store are part of that problem.
11/20/2013 08:02 EST
The Story of Taureg Jewelry Designer Moutta Abalanchad from

The Story of Taureg Jewelry Designer Moutta Abalanchad from Niger

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview a Tuareg jewelry maker from Niger. Moutta Abalanchad lives in a small village, but several times a year he travels to Europe to sell his unique, handcrafted pieces. The rings, bracelets and necklaces are traditional, but feel very modern at the same time.
10/09/2013 03:45 EDT
Scenes From ColombiaModa 2013 Ramp 1885

Scenes From ColombiaModa 2013 [PHOTOS]

The ColombaModa 2013 (Colombia Fashion Week) official opening fashion show was that of Colombian designer Francesca Miranda who presented her Fall/Winter 2013 show with an ethereal ambience.
08/29/2013 05:09 EDT
Silvia Tcherassi Presents at Colombia Moda

Silvia Tcherassi Presents at Colombia Moda 2013

Inspired by the work of American artist Anne Truitt, Colombian designer Silvia Tcherassi presented a jaw-dropping 25 ensembles at the prestigious Museo de Arte Moderno Medellin (Museum of Modern Art of Medellin).
08/23/2013 04:14 EDT
Haider Ackermann Stuns at Colombia Moda

Haider Ackermann Stuns at Colombia Moda 2013

*This is part of Ramp 1885′s newest series, "Fashion Travelogue-Medellin Edition" where we personally highlight the runways of the city's fashion week, explore the city's greater style scene including...
08/13/2013 04:20 EDT
The Hottest Global Street Style from Colombia Fashion Week AP

The Hottest Global Street Style from Colombia Fashion Week 2013

Ramp1885 is down south -- in South America that is -- for Colombia Moda 2013, Colombia's official fashion week held in magical Medellin. While running from one show to the next, we quickly made it a point to grab some shots of the fantastic street styles as donned by the Medellin's moda mavens.
07/29/2013 05:42 EDT
Global Street Style: the 'Staches of Istanbul, Shutterstock

Global Street Style: the 'Staches of Istanbul, Turkey

One of the great pleasures of life is kissing a man with a moustache. (Yes, you can quote me.) I am completely in luck because Istanbul is full of handsome men with moustaches -- not just any kind of moustache, but sexy ones. In fact, all of the facial hair here in Istanbul is süper sexy.
06/24/2013 05:30 EDT
Canada's First Philippine Fashion

Canada's First Philippine Fashion Week

PLDT Canada Philippine Fashion Week will span the entire week of June 10-15th with various chic events dotting the entire week. A-listers from the Canadian and Filipino fashion scene will be there in full force to celebrate the fashionable contributions of the Philippine fashion scene, direct from Manila.
06/03/2013 01:56 EDT
Couture in Johannesburg, South Clivert Qoolerbox Thibela

Couture in Johannesburg, South Africa

Meet Tshegofatso Maotoe, a young fashion designer and founder of Tenacious Soul, who expresses passion through creating garments for women in all sizes who aren't afraid to enhance their individual style. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, she infuses African prints with vintage glam is breathtakingly genius!
03/25/2013 05:43 EDT
High-End Lingerie from Ramp1885

High-End Lingerie from Latvia

Amoralle, formerly SockBox, makes its triumphant return to fashion under new name and focus. Same style: sensitive night gowns with underlining waistlines; same management: fashion designer and the brand owner -- Inese Krumina; different result.
03/18/2013 05:23 EDT
Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival PA

Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival 2012

With "Innofashion" as this season's theme, it's clear that in Indonesia, culture is courted, homage is heightened, and the fabrics are pretty fantastic! With many iconic tribal prints, colours and daring choices, this fashion and food festival was one of many sights.
09/19/2012 08:12 EDT
City Style Snapshot: Prague, Czech .

City Style Snapshot: Prague, Czech Republic

What's going on with Prague fashion? Half the year hidden away in winter coats, the other half enduring jeers from their western neighbors for pairing sandals with socks. Now, however, the Czech Republic boasts one of the biggest-booming economies of the post-Communist states of Central and Eastern Europe, consumerism is on the up-and-up (and up), and Prague shopping centres crop up like mushrooms after a rain.
09/19/2012 05:21 EDT
Sao Paolo Fashion Week's Sizzling Spring/Summer

Sao Paolo Fashion Week's Sizzling Spring/Summer 2013

Sao Paolo Fashion Week displayed curves, lines and plenty of steamy silhouettes as part of their Spring/Summer 2013 presentation. From piles and piles of fabric, to a light and airy surfer girl feel with neoprene, here are our highlights!
08/07/2012 05:33 EDT