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Rania Walker

Founder & Pres Front Door PR; Avid Large Family Travel Writer; Speaker & Media Trainer

Rania Walker is the Founder and President of Front Door PR, a boutique PR and communications agency offering personalized and customized strategic PR and communications services focused on integrated PR, Media, Marketing, Branding and Event promotion services. A former television producer, she speaks media and understands an audience. Using her post graduate studies in message design to develop clear, concise and engaging messages across all platforms, her experience coupled with her ongoing drive to find new mediums of communication have created a vast network of contacts globally. A connector, she loves being a conduit to great partnerships and collaborations, often sharing her best practices, business boosters and learnings. Rania is a frequent guest speaker on Media Generation, PR and Branding. You can connect with her @RaniaSpeaks or @FrontDoorPR

Rania lives by the mantra "work hard and play hard." During her down time she like to put the “play hard” into practice, travelling to unknown places, experiencing new adventures, and yes, a little R&R with the family -- as long as big drops and heights aren’t involved! A busy mom of a “large family” (by travel industry standards), which includes a husband, three kids and an often an entourage of friends and family, she started WEplusThree…or more as a way help other large families find deals, share tips and explore in a cost-efficient and family-friendly way. For more tips, questions or ideas connect with Rania on Twitter or Facebook.
Lessons From #FHRITP About Public

Lessons From #FHRITP About Public Shaming

It follows you, it traps you and in this specific case (like so many others) it can ruin your life. There is no trash bin on social media. Yet it seems to happen time and time again. And the offenders are shocked all the same when they become the victims of their own ignorance. Here is a short primer on how to avoid a bout of public shaming. It's certainly not the authoritative volume on how to avoid and rectify situations like this, but let's use this as a friendly reminder of how to stay out of trouble.
05/14/2015 01:05 EDT
How to Entertain Your Kids During Spring

How to Entertain Your Kids During Spring Break

If you too have possibly exhausted every family farm and play place, and may be looking for some simpler things to do, here are some tips and ideas for how to plan and survive the March Break without too much expense, or guilt, and create some adventures and memories along the way. Remember these don't have to be all day events, just "breaks" throughout the week.
03/11/2015 12:51 EDT
Getting A Time Out in

Getting A Time Out in Paradise

The Cove is an adult-only resort catering to couples and singles who want to vacation in class. Their private beach club CAIN boasts infinity pools with lounging beds, private two-room cabanas offering separate showers and butler services and do you hear that...No? Peaceful, kid-free relaxation.
12/01/2014 12:28 EST
The Top Ten Rules for Being a Worldly

The Top Ten Rules for Being a Worldly Traveler

My cousin is traveling to Europe with her husband for the first time and a flood of memories and recent experiences prompted me to recall our own learnings over the years. Whether you're traveling near or far, there are some regional tips and general etiquette that all tourists should keep in mind.
06/26/2014 01:23 EDT
Celebrating Summer from Coast to

Celebrating Summer from Coast to Coast

While planning for a summer vacation can be daunting enough, the idea of a long drive often eliminates the option altogether, especially if your family only does one annual getaway. But it can be done if you take the time to plan!
05/05/2014 10:00 EDT
12 Things To Do This Family

12 Things To Do This Family Day

In addition to the special events and interactive exhibits at most major tourist attractions, here is a list of virtually free things to do around the GTA, most of which will give you an opportunity to try something new or different by virtue of the favourable price tag.
02/11/2014 08:26 EST
Winter's Not So Bad In Finger Lakes,

Winter's Not So Bad In Finger Lakes, NY

Turns out, Finger Lakes is a full-year destination, with indoor and outdoor activities to keep you busy for weeks at a time. The Finger Lakes Region extends from Rochester to the West, Syracuse to the East, Lake Ontario to the North, and all the way to the Pennsylvania Border to the south. Here's our list of the Top 10 things for families to do.
02/02/2014 03:42 EST
Top 7 Travel Tips to Get the Most For Your Vacation Dollars in

Top 7 Travel Tips to Get the Most For Your Vacation Dollars in 2014

This year as we get down to setting our resolutions for 2014, why not set aside a resolution to travel more. Most of us like to travel and explore, or get a change of scenery -- with the family, as a couple or even alone. Here are the top seven travel tips to help you make 2014 your best travel year yet!
12/30/2013 12:25 EST
12 Sanity Saving Tips for the Final Shopping Days Before

12 Sanity Saving Tips for the Final Shopping Days Before Christmas

With the holiday shopping season in full force, my requisite ventures into the sweaty shops of my local malls need to be purposeful, successful and time-saving. I've found a dozen ways to make those long line ups and general holiday hustle and bustle productive, amusing and sanity saving.
12/11/2013 09:07 EST
Rob Ford Needs a Crisis Communications

Rob Ford Needs a Crisis Communications Plan

The daily, international circus that Rob Ford is circumventing so disastrously right now demonstrates why it's so important to have a Crisis Communications Plan and stick to it. In every crisis there is an opportunity to learn and to grow and to become stronger. Here's hoping that this week is a little quieter for Ford.
11/10/2013 10:59 EST
I Live By My Packing List...Then My Computer

I Live By My Packing List...Then My Computer Crashed

I'm a list maker. In fact I love making lists. But as time and luck would have it my computer crashed two days before we left on vacation and I couldn't access any of my packing lists. Later when the absence of water shoes resulted in a clam shell injury to one of my daughters' feet, we realized that the first aid kit, newly loaded with all sorts of band-aids, ointments and first-aidy stuff, was left sitting on the kitchen counter.
07/08/2013 05:26 EDT
7 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip with

7 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip with Kids

"Are we there yet?" With summer holidays coming up, many of us will be en route to visit family and friends, and amid all the planning, packing and panicking the last thing we need when we get into the car, on a plane or on the train, is a melt-down. Or even worse, those four words that I dare not repeat.
06/11/2013 07:49 EDT