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Ranjani Iyer Mohanty

Writer, Business & Academic Editor, Global Nomad, Observer, Commentator.

After a previous incarnation working in information systems with consulting companies, banks, and development organizations in Canada, England, Holland, India and Portugal, Ranjani now works as a writer and editor for business, academia, and the non-profit sector. Her articles have appeared in several newspapers and magazines, including the International Herald Tribune, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Globe and Mail, and the Atlantic. She divides her time between India and Canada.
Warren Beatty And My Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Warren Beatty And My Dad

Two Sundays ago, I was watching the Academy Awards with my parents and during its last moments I had something of a surreal epiphany. I never thought I'd say 'Warren Beatty' and 'my father' in the sam...
03/07/2017 08:50 EST
America Is Now A Faith-Based Matt Champlin via Getty Images

America Is Now A Faith-Based Nation

America may be moving from a fact-based era to a faith-based era. Such a transition is nothing new; it has happened at least a couple of times already in the history of Western civilization. After the logic and science of the ancient Greeks and the technology of the ancient Romans, Europe moved into the faith-based Dark Ages.
01/03/2017 06:33 EST
India Reclaims Its Creation With International Yoga SANJAY KANOJIA via Getty Images

India Reclaims Its Creation With International Yoga Day

Whether faced with the level of cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation that yoga has seen, a bit of re-appropriation -- done in an inclusive manner -- never hurts. At the request of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution establishing International Yoga Day. The first celebration in 2015 saw yoga sessions happening all over the world.
06/20/2016 01:46 EDT
Indian Women Take The

Indian Women Take The Summit

It's well known that there is strength in numbers and wisdom in crowds. But what if we're only seeing half the numbers and hearing half the crowd? At the World Economic Forum in 2015, women constitut...
11/25/2015 01:07 EST
What the World's Political Dynasties Can Tell Us About Justin Steve Russell via Getty Images

What the World's Political Dynasties Can Tell Us About Justin Trudeau

Not all political dynasties are created equal -- one key difference lies in the calibre of their descendants. Last year, the Liberal Party elected as its leader Justin Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Warren Bennis, a noted scholar on leadership, said, "The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born -- that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That's nonsense."
09/18/2015 12:05 EDT
Cultural Centers Could Bring India's Soft Power to the World Getty

Cultural Centers Could Bring India's Soft Power to the World Stage

As India enters its 70th year of independence and its status on the world stage grows, its position within Asia becomes more critical. It's high time India consciously, calculatingly and coordinately uses its ample soft power to its advantage. One way is to open a global chain of Gandhi Centers.
09/02/2015 12:53 EDT
In India, We Are the Oppressors and the ASSOCIATED PRESS

In India, We Are the Oppressors and the Oppressed

India may have thrown off the yoke of colonialism over 60 years ago, but we continue our own oppression. It's easier to point the finger, or show the finger, when the 'other' is distinctly different in terms of geography, skin color, language, and culture. It's more difficult, and perhaps more shameful, to accept ourselves as the oppressor and the exploiter.
07/24/2015 05:52 EDT
Women Aren't Aliens -- Stop Saying We Are AFP via Getty Images

Women Aren't Aliens -- Stop Saying We Are 'Mysterious'

Demanding the resignation of a brilliant scientist with a lifetime of contribution to his field is not right nor the answer; after all, Tim Hunt was just vocalizing something that seems to be a common male sentiment in popular culture. The answer lies in busting the myth of the mysterious (read "irrational") woman and seeing her as a contributing individual.
06/19/2015 05:24 EDT
Modi's Potential for Good Outweighs the ASSOCIATED PRESS

Modi's Potential for Good Outweighs the Bad

While most of the Indian diaspora as well as some Canadian politicians were very excited about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Canada, there were others who were outraged and saw it as an opportunity to express their displeasure with protests. But Modi is not the first leader of a nation to be accused of some form of transgression.
04/19/2015 11:25 EDT
Why American Universities Are So Alluring To Asian thefurnaceroom via Getty Images

Why American Universities Are So Alluring To Asian Students

The number of foreign students has doubled since even 2000. Some 265,000 go to Canada, over 200,000 to Australia, and more than 420,000 to the UK. While the American empire may be in decline, its universities still hold a great allure for the youth of the world for their academic leadership, freedom to explore and create and share, and their inviting and equitable atmosphere.
09/08/2014 05:12 EDT
The Spring Of Our

The Spring Of Our Discontent

The epic task is well underway. The first week it happened in Kerala, Haryana, and some of Assam. The second week it happened in Karnataka and parts of Bihar, Kashmir, and Maharashtra. Last week it wa...
05/01/2014 05:40 EDT