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Raphael Lopoukhine

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Raphael Lopoukhine is a digital journalist and communications expert and the founding editor of the Canadian Environment, an independent website specializing in curating the most pressing environmental issues in Canada.

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Does Policy-Wonk Nenshi Need A Climate

Does Policy-Wonk Nenshi Need A Climate Briefing?

Now that Nenshi has witnessed an over $5-billion flood rip through his province and hometown, does he still believe Alberta should exploit the oilsands full tilt despite irreversible impacts, or the feds should continue to hand over $1.4 billion each year in subsidies, or Alberta should continue burning more coal than the rest of the country combined?
09/05/2013 06:16 EDT
Is B.C. Actually Alberta With A Better PR

Is B.C. Actually Alberta With A Better PR Campaign?

As the British Columbia government rides the wave of opposition to the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline, the province gets to burnish its green credentials, but is B.C. actually Alberta with a better public relations campaign?
03/15/2013 04:07 EDT
Northern Gateway Is The Wrong AP

Northern Gateway Is The Wrong Fight

The proposed Northern Gateway pipeline carrying raw bitumen to the B.C. coast is a bad idea, but it's ultimately the wrong fight. Let's assume the momentum of bringing Enbridge to its knees leads to a mass protest across Canada and all the proposed pipelines are stopped. Oil companies still have other options.
01/07/2013 03:05 EST