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Raquel Cool

Author of The Baby Farmers

A few years ago, Raquel stumbled upon an ad on Craigslist offering up to $10,000 in exchange for human eggs.

So she responded.

A few months later, she woke up in an operating room thirty eggs lighter. But she couldn’t shake this feeling that there were others out there like her, with stories of their own.

Raquel has since taken an investigative dive into the commercial world of high-tech baby making —a free market where eggs are sold, uteruses are rented, and breast milk is priced by the ounce. She has co-founded an international advocacy organization for egg providers. We Are Egg Donors has created a safe space for authentic discourse around the subject that isn’t available anywhere else.

Her book, The Baby Farmers, is about money, eggs, and the profitable world of commercial baby-making — as told by the women who supply the eggs. Featuring portraits by award-winning photographer Damien Maloney, this books confronts the taboo subject with candor, intimacy, and humor. More about this book can be seen at:
My Children Have a Brother They May Never

My Children Have a Brother They May Never Meet

No part of me regrets the decision I made to be an egg donor but I regret how I went about it and the contract I locked myself into. I regret not requesting an open donation. I did not understand the gravity of my decisions. I believed I was mature and now I look back and feel like I was just a kid. That psychological screening, many years ago, had "screened" a version of myself I could no longer relate to. I had no way of knowing that egg donation would impact my life the way it did.
10/25/2015 08:38 EDT