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Real Colored Girls

Black Feminist Activist Collective

Real Colored Girls (RCG) are Christa Bell and Mako Fitts Ward. As artists and academics, RCG is committed to the dismantling of outdated cultural representations, while forging new models for Black womanhood. We invite you to follow our social commentary on the Real Colored Girls blog.
The Problem With Beyhive Getty

The Problem With Beyhive "Bottom Bitch" Feminism

Is a feminism sponsored by the corporate music industrial complex as big as we can dream? Is the end game a feminism in which the glass ceiling for black women's representation only reaches as high as our booties? Can't we just love Bey as an amazing corporate artist without selling out the hard won accomplishments of our black feminist and womanist foremothers? Some would have us believe that somehow Bey's success is a step toward some dystopic vision of progress for black women. There may be empowerment for some folks but by and large it is a false hope steeped in capitalism and individualism, supporting the escapist desires of rampant pornographic consumerism.
12/17/2013 11:32 EST