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Rebecca Aldworth

Rebecca Aldworth, executive director, Humane Society International/Canada

Rebecca Aldworth is executive director of Humane Society International-Canada, and has observed commercial seal hunts off Newfoundland, Labrador and Quebec for the last 18 years.
Michael Bernard, HSI/Canada

13 Days Of Peace Before The Hunt For Seals

That is all the time the Canadian government afforded seals to give birth to and nurse their pups. The sealers claim they will target adult seals in this section of the hunt. But for mother seals and their very young pups, it spells disaster. Sealing boats crashing through the ice, gunfire and the cries of dying seals will shatter the peace of the nursery.
04/04/2017 09:50 EDT

We Need to End the Cruel Dog Meat Trade

Animal suffering is tough for anyone to stomach. It doesn't matter if you've been on the frontlines of animal welfare all your life because it never gets easier to look at. But what about cases of extreme abuse, where cruelty is so unthinkable that most people can't even comprehend its existence? Just weeks ago, the Humane Society International Animal Rescue team travelled to Yulin to expose this cruel festival to the world. What they saw was horrific -- dogs and cats crammed in cages, awaiting the same fate as the dogs and cats being slaughtered in front of them.
08/11/2015 08:19 EDT via Getty Images

Banning Cosmetic Animal Testing Will Bring Us Closer to a Truly Humane Society

This week, we saw massive public support translate into real change when New Brunswick Senator Stewart Olsen launched a federal bill to ban cosmetics animal testing and trade in Canada. It is a huge victory for #BeCrueltyFree Canada, and vindication for all the rabbits, mice and other animals who have been blinded, poisoned and killed in the name of beauty.
06/22/2015 05:34 EDT
Liam Quinn/Flickr

It's Time for Canada to Support a Fair Seal Industry Buyout

It is fast becoming apparent that the Newfoundland government "investment" in the commercial seal slaughter is simply a make-work project. Encouraging fishermen to make economic decisions based on markets that will never materialize serves only the executives of the seal processors. More than 35 nations have already prohibited their trade in the primary products of Canada's commercial seal slaughter and there is no future in commercial sealing. It is time the Canadian and provincial governments put their support behind a fair sealing industry buyout.
04/16/2015 12:52 EDT

The Commercial Seal Hunt Must Be Stopped

Commercial sealing advocates find it exceptionally difficult to win hearts and minds with the truth. Because the truth is an industrial scale, non-aboriginal slaughter in which defenseless seal pups less than three months of age are horribly beaten and shot to death for their fur. It is a wasteful kill, in which the carcasses are normally dumped at sea.
11/11/2014 12:42 EST

As the World Bans Seal Products Canada Must Ban the Hunt

Taiwan has just prohibited trade in marine mammals and their products. Canada's seal slaughter is the largest kill of marine mammals on Earth. For the seals and the sealers, it is high time Canada listened to countries like Taiwan and relegated commercial sealing to the history books where it belongs.
01/11/2013 05:08 EST