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Rebecca Beck

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Rebecca Beck is an Ultra Orthodox Jewish mother of two. Her blog orthodoxsunflower is a rare glimpse into the Hasidic way of life. She has has been published on Yahoo! Style, YourTango, Scary Mommy, Mamapedia and sammiches and psych meds. Follow her on Facebook and on Twitter
The Parenting Secrets We Don't Shutterstock

The Parenting Secrets We Don't Share

We all have dirty little secrets. You know, the kind that you would be mortified if anyone were ever to find out. Most people's deepest secrets are well kept. My parenting secrets are not. I have an autistic son with no filter and he ensures that no secret is safe in our house.
06/15/2016 10:50 EDT
The Loss Of My Baby Was Utter monkeybusinessimages via Getty Images

The Loss Of My Baby Was Utter Devastation

My baby, my long awaited precious gift from heaven, was being taken from me -- as was my dream of being a mom to twins. As cold as it may seem, I was heartbroken about the loss of my dream too. I was devastated over the fact that my son would never know his twin and never find what could have been a beautiful relationship.
04/15/2016 03:31 EDT