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Rebecca Childs

Professional organizer

Rebecca is a professional organizer who helps clients clear their clutter and organize their homes and offices, creating functional and peaceful environments. Her goal is to develop systems that will help keep people organized, well after the initial project is finished. The people she works with always tell her they are surprised by how much they enjoy the work they do together. And Rebecca never stops being surprised at how the time flies when the organizing gets going!

Rebecca’s professional background includes work as the general manager of successful small businesses. In every role, she has found that with great organization, you can conquer the world! Excellent organization is directly linked to productive work time and relaxing down time. Helping other people enjoy the rewarding sense of well-being gained from living in a peaceful, organized home or working in an efficient, pleasant office is something that Rebecca truly enjoys.
Too Much

Too Much Stuff!

One of the big reasons we have too much stuff is the availability of lots of inexpensive (or expensive!) consumer products. Where our mothers or grandmothers may have used a bar of soap in the bathroom, and a few pots, pans and wooden spoons in the kitchen, we now have dozens of cleansers and gadgets.
04/18/2012 10:00 EDT