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Rebecca Drotos

Mother, Wife, Cancer Fighter

Rebecca Drotos lives in Beamsville, ON, is a proud mother to two children and has been married to her loving husband for 28 years. Rebecca was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) at the age of 47, just a few days before Christmas. Her specialist has been monitoring her cancer through a process called “watch and wait,” while she continues to work and mind her family’s farm.
Playing The Waiting Game With My

Playing The Waiting Game With My Cancer

My doctor led into it, not being awkward and beating around the bush. He used the medical platitudes often trotted out for chronic lymphomas in general, as in: "This is the good cancer," and "You will likely die with this cancer, but not from this cancer." I just stared at him.
06/14/2016 06:38 EDT