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Rebecca Eckler


Rebecca Eckler is one of Canada's most talked about writers and journalists. She has been a columnist with the National Post, and her work has appeared in publications such as Elle, Fashion, Lifestyles, Canadian House and Home and Mademoiselle. A popular author, Eckler has published of three bestselling mommy memoirs: Knocked Up, Wiped! and Toddlers Gone Wild! Her latest book, How to Raise A Boyfriend, discusses the lack of civility and manners in relationships these days. She is a popular blogger, and frequent writer on issues relating to relationships, motherhood, and parenting. A single mother, Eckler is the most popular blogger on, where she writes the twice-weekly parenting column, “Eckler Plus One.” She also writes regularly for Macleans, Chatelaine, and Eckler loves -- and can talk about -- anything to do with relationships, motherhood, and parenting. More information on Rebecca Eckler can be found at