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Rebecca Field Jager

Rebecca is a lifestyle and travel writer who regularly contributes to many of Canada’s leading publications. Go to for more adventures.

She’s an author, journalist, and blogger but most people who have worked with Rebecca know her as an idea machine. A regular contributor to many of Canada’s leading lifestyle publications, Rebecca's portfolio of work can be viewed at her site, Although always up for an assignment, most of Rebecca's stories stem from her own ideas and extend across a range of beats from human interest, trends and travel to food, décor and entertainment. Her background in the performing arts enables her to combine writing, interviewing and producing skills with public speaking and on-camera experience. The result? She can tell a tale in many forms - live, print and video. Rebecca has been a guest on such shows as Canada AM, Breakfast Television and theZoomer. Please contact Rebecca at
Girls Flight Out Road Trip: From Napa To Blend Images/Trinette Reed via Getty Images

Girls Flight Out Road Trip: From Napa To Sonoma

You only have to re-watch your favourite road trip movie to know that road trips are about many things but most of all the journey. The where, who, why and how play into the big what, that is, what each participant learns, feels and experiences. Recently, Girls' Flight Out embarked on a road trip in northern California. Here's the lowdown and the highlights. Of course, we invite all you virtual hitchhikers out there to hop on our video and come along for the ride.
01/17/2017 04:23 EST
Girls Flight Out: Get Your Cowgirl On In Rebecca Jager

Girls Flight Out: Get Your Cowgirl On In Colorado

Recently Girls Flight Out travelled to Colorado where we discovered the real high you get when visiting this state comes by way of its geographic diversity, mixture of charming small towns and urban cultural centres, and the people's passion for all things outdoors.
07/18/2016 02:09 EDT
How To Have The Best Girls' Night Out In Nicolas Hoizey/500px

How To Have The Best Girls' Night Out In NYC

Some 60 million tourists visited New York City last year. So when it comes to ladies' getaways know, hospitality-wise, you're in good hands. Recently, Girls' Flight Out landed in the Big Apple to soak up its exciting literary scene. Home to publishing giants, top-notch agents, best-selling authors as well as aspiring scribes, ladies gather your gal pals-- this is Book Club gone wild. And yes, the city is infused with thousands of restaurants, bistros and bars, so there will be plenty of wine available.
05/31/2016 04:43 EDT
Major League Sports - The Best Way To Get To Know A Sam Gary

Major League Sports - The Best Way To Get To Know A City

If you're like many travellers visiting a city, beyond taking in the usual tourist attractions, you probably enjoy wandering off the beaten path to get a better sense of the town. Although exploring different districts and hoods can be fun, what's an even bigger blast -- and a sure way of finding out what makes the locals tick -- is to attend a major league sporting event.
11/18/2015 04:11 EST
Create Your Own Starring Role at a Film Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

Create Your Own Starring Role at a Film Festival

There are literally thousands of film festivals worldwide and millions of people who attend them. Some consider it their annual holiday -- rather than visiting a destination to sight-see or going on a ski vacation, such aficionados go festivaling. But why just gaze at celebrities when you can actually experience what it's like to be famous?
09/18/2015 05:10 EDT