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Reeha Korpal

B.C. girl who loves reading, writing, and political science.

I'm the oldest of three and a first generation Canadian. Finding that balance between the "brown" part of me and the "western" is a learning process but I'm getting there. I survived university and earned by B.A in political science from Simon Fraser University in the most beautiful province on earth, British Columbia (OK, so maybe I'm a tad biased).
No Child Should Be More Than A Son, Or Just Another

No Child Should Be More Than A Son, Or Just Another Daughter

Any child, regardless of their gender can rise to the occasion to fulfill any dream and aspiration their parents may have; they can be your legacy, your shoulder and your support system. That includes daughters. While we can't erase how our parents were brought up, we should not give them a free pass for any bigotry, biases and prejudices they may hold.
10/03/2016 12:11 EDT
'Elbowgate' Has Made Mountains Out Of Mole

'Elbowgate' Has Made Mountains Out Of Mole Hills

The prime minister should not have gone into the crowd in the first place. It is not his duty to get members back in their seats to vote, as he was doing with the Official Opposition Whip Mr. Gord Brown. While his actions were inappropriate: He did not push, attack or harm a woman.
05/20/2016 11:15 EDT
Why Canadians Aren't Always so

Why Canadians Aren't Always so Kind

We are not all the ideal, liberated, and wonderful "Canadian" which we assume to be part of our national identity. We're not all there, but hopefully one day we will be. One day we can proudly proclaim that these wonderful positive stereotypes we hold dear to ourselves are complete, factual truths.
08/02/2015 09:23 EDT
To Become Engaged Citizens We Must Exercise Our Right to

To Become Engaged Citizens We Must Exercise Our Right to Vote

Living in western societies we often take our right to vote for granted. Low voter turnout can be seen across the board from municipal elections, provincial ones, and even the federal elections -- in fairness it tends to get better the higher the level of government -- and it is for lack of a better word: depressing.
07/17/2015 12:51 EDT
Why Calling Me a Brown Girl Isn't

Why Calling Me a Brown Girl Isn't Racist

Here is the thing -- "brown" is not a derogatory term. It is not a word rooted in oppression, exclusion, bigotry, or hatred of any kind at the social or institutional level. The term is value neutral. It holds no malice, or intent to harm. It is not a powerful reminder of disenfranchisement and racial divisions such as the term"n*****." As wonderful as it is that people want to step up to the plate to help create inclusion and openness, I just wish it was with some context. Instead, get up off your feet when you hear some of the following slurs that are offensive and have been historically directed towards brown people.
07/14/2015 08:12 EDT