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Reg Vermue

Toronto-based singer and song writer

After more than a decade of releasing albums on some of the most seminal labels in Canada – Three Gut Records, which he helped form, and Arts & Crafts – and touring the world, Reg Vermue is set to release album number five.

The pedigree of Gentleman Reg is beyond extensive at this point and has included over the years current and ex-members of bands such as Arcade Fire, Islands, Constantines, Great Lake
Swimmers, The Weakerthans, Ohbijou, The Unicorns, Royal City, The Hidden Cameras, Owen Pallett, to name a few!

Reg is an on again off again member of The Hidden Cameras and launched another band called Light Fires with James Bunton who released their debut single in 2011 and toured extensively throughout Europe and Canada.
Revisiting High School: How Things Have Changed for Queer Shutterstock

Revisiting High School: How Things Have Changed for Queer Youth

It never occurred to me that my music and sexuality could be helpful in this way. I have just always written what I write. But never as a political act. But today I sang in front of several hundred queer high school students. My lyrics suddenly took on new meaning. I can't stop thinking how this conference could have completely changed my youth.
04/10/2013 05:21 EDT