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Reggie Ramone

Men's lifestyle writer, marketing stud, entrepreneur. Maritimer in Toronto. for the goods.

Opinionated, tech savvy, and honest. With an affinity towards writing about automotive, video games and "stuff that men like", my readers consider me a modern gentleman with a taste for every day luxury, without the frills. Living a life worth remembering - I think Bruce Lee said that.
Where Have All The Minivans Hero Images via Getty Images

Where Have All The Minivans Gone?

The legacy of the minivan is slowly on its way to the retirement rafters, alongside station wagons and three-wheeled cars. However, there are some -- like myself -- who recall a more innocent time; when the minivan was the ultimate spacious family vehicle.
09/29/2016 09:07 EDT
Turns Out Men Love Driving A Clive Rose via Getty Images

Turns Out Men Love Driving A Mini

As the secret association of men-in-small-cars continues to grow, Mini looks to accelerate with a new Cooper that combines the heart and soul of Mini, with the needs of the modern man. The 2016 Mini Clubman S -- to some, dubbed as the modern man's Mini -- brings new features while staying true to Mini's core buyers. As a men's lifestyle writer, it's only fitting to get behind the wheel to see how well it stacks up.
06/14/2016 02:00 EDT
Finding The Right Truck For A Countryside Road Lester Lefkowitz via Getty Images

Finding The Right Truck For A Countryside Road Trip

Road trips are a quick and essential way to get a breather from the city. It keeps your cash saved while not skipping a beat once Monday hits (most of the time, at least). When searching for the right vehicle to take into the countryside, you'll want to watch for three features: terrain options, safety precautions, and temperature control.
06/02/2016 10:06 EDT
What Should Happen To Prince's Unreleased Jumana El-Heloueh / Reuters

What Should Happen To Prince's Unreleased Music?

What truly sets Prince's estate apart from most deceased musicians is what he left behind: a personal vault of 2000 works of unreleased music. To put it in perspective, there is enough music to release one album every year for the next century. I know what you're thinking: What will happen to all of this music, and will we ever hear it?
05/18/2016 11:38 EDT
Jaguar's Flagship Luxury Sedan Is All About Style And Jaguar

Jaguar's Flagship Luxury Sedan Is All About Style And Solitude

In a week with the 2016 Jaguar XJL Portfolio, the luxury sedan introduces a variety of knick-knacks that remain competitive with its equivalent wolf pack: the Audi A8, the BMW 7 and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. For the test drive, I neatly prepared the unique features in the Jaguar XJL that compete with its class.
05/11/2016 11:44 EDT
11 Positive Gift Ideas To Cheer Up Sad Tom Merton via Getty Images

11 Positive Gift Ideas To Cheer Up Sad People

With last week's unwelcoming snowfall coming to an end, we're headed for warmer days and patio-ready weather. For the glass is half full type, it's time to prepare for the fun of spring and summer -- hooray! For the glass is half empty type... well, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) doesn't stop at the sight of spring.
04/13/2016 02:06 EDT
Exploring The Allure Of Tesla Motors

Exploring The Allure Of Tesla

Tesla has inspired a forward-thinking lifestyle that advocates change in the way people perceive driving. Sure, there are numerous well-received all-electric cars on the market, but there's one primary difference: Tesla's mission statement is centred around the growth of electric vehicles.
03/28/2016 12:03 EDT
Gents, It's Time To Clean Up Your Acts (And PeopleImages via Getty Images

Gents, It's Time To Clean Up Your Acts (And Faces)

For some of the men who have spent the past months hibernating instead of socializing, your facial appearance may have let itself go over the winter season. While I will respect that there are guys who have been diligent in keeping their personal care at a respectable level, on the flip side, there are also a handful of guys who'll need to go through a grooming spring checklist in order to catch up prior to summer.
03/16/2016 11:17 EDT
What Makes A 'Luxury' Reggie Ramone

What Makes A 'Luxury' Car?

The entrance of technology, expectations of luxury, and disruptive competitors are just some of the variables that constantly change market needs, and luxury car makers are then left with the difficult task of building next generation models that exceed, well, everything.
03/07/2016 04:40 EST
The 5 Personality Types Of Men In OLIVIER DOULIERY via Getty Images

The 5 Personality Types Of Men In Winter

Men who accept the cold, Arctic pastures as home fall into five distinct categories of clothing style. These categories are all relative to a guy's interests, opinions, and how frost bitten their hands get at the end of the day. Let's see what category you (or a guy you know) falls into, shall we?
02/11/2016 12:48 EST
Voice-Activated Driving: Is It Any Good Doug Kline/Flickr

Voice-Activated Driving: Is It Any Good Yet?

Hidden beneath the veil of popular drive-enhancing technology such as autonomous driving and all-electric sits a feature that doesn't get a lot of time in the spotlight. Rightfully so, as most attempts have proven frustrating, useless, and otherwise a sad, one-trick pony. It's the one feature that is rarely a top 3 deciding factor when someone buys a car: voice-activated driving.
01/25/2016 03:06 EST
Elon Musk Truly Is A Modern Day Tony ASSOCIATED PRESS

Elon Musk Truly Is A Modern Day Tony Stark

It can be argued that there is a shortage of brilliant and motivated philanthropists that shoulder a relentless drive to achieve life's most inconceivable aspirations. There are many to look up to -- from Stephen Hawking to Paul Allen -- but for now lets talk about two such inventors. One is Elon Musk, and the other is, well, a fictional version of Elon Musk.
01/15/2016 12:40 EST