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Reginald Braithwaite

Computer Programmer

Reginald Braithwaite is a longtime Toronto resident and father of two children. He works as a computer programmer with GitHub, Inc. His hobbies include cycling and writing books about programming.
I'm Leaving Reddit Because it Gives Racists a booc0mtaco/Flickr

I'm Leaving Reddit Because it Gives Racists a Platform

I have been a Redditor on and off since its very beginning. Reddit is a business. And, it seems, a manifestation of the sincerely held extreme libertarian views of its founders on the subject of free speech. These are nice theories to debate. The practical reality is that Reddit seems to have overtaken Stormfront as the world's largest white supremacy community. And thus, every page view turns into some fraction of a dollar that powers a server that hosts hate. Hate for me and my children. Hate for my great-grandparents coming here.
07/14/2015 12:37 EDT